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Currently sitting joint first in the Premier League, (goal difference only counts after the last game is played), many Manchester United supporters, desperate for Olé Gunnar Solskjær to succeed in the job are claiming that there has been distinct progression made under the Norwegian. The question is; are they right or do they just WANT to be right?

The idea of United being successfully managed by a former player is always appealing to fans and is currently also being tried and tested at Chelsea, Arsenal and Inter Milan with varying degrees of success/failure.

The idea is that a former player knows the club ‘inside out’ and will have no problem settling into the job. This theory, unfortunately, disregards the possibility that he may not be a very good manager!



Well that was quite a day! Belgium can now look forward to trying to be the third best team at this World Cup when, in actual fact, they were probably the best albeit with a manager who didn’t know it.

They created very little in their semi-final defeat to France and, apart from a couple of shots from distance, the French defence coped very well and relatively easily with anything the Belgians threw at them, which wasn’t very much. (more…)


The first game of the day between Mexico and Brazil was a pretty mundane affair and resulted in a fairly routine win for the South Americans.

Mexico rarely threatened and goals from Neymar Jr. and Roberto Firmino did the trick.

What the game may be remembered for, for a short while at least, was the ever-improving acting ability of Neymar. He isn’t quite there yet as it is evident, to anybody who knows anything about thespianism, that he is playing a part because he overdoes it.

What is also obvious is that he has been told that a career in Hollywood awaits his retirement from football and he has already started auditioning for roles. (more…)


And on the 16th day they rested. Let’s face it, this football malarky is tiring. Since the tournament started on the 14th of June, the poor players have only been managing an average break of four days between games.

What kind of break is that? The selected combatants have had, occasionally, to run around on a football pitch which some of them have had to grace with their presence for a whole ninety minutes!

Now, in fairness, they have been training between matches on the days they haven’t been allowed off by their coaches. (more…)


As the group stage nears it’s end some of the old-fashioned tactics have come into play as usual.

France and Denmark played out a stale and boring 0-0 draw as it meant that both teams qualified for the last 16.

Their play was roundly booed for much of the game as FIFA and the spectators were seen to be, as usual, miles apart in what they see as the not-so-subtle difference between getting the job done and entertaining the crowd.

The two teams were allowed to defraud the attendant masses of their money by putting on an insipid display of nothingness at which fans who had travelled thousands of miles to watch were entitled to vent their frustration. (more…)


Apparently, Henrikh Mkhitaryan not only holds the key to the Alexis Sánchez transfer, he IS the key.

Without his agreement to go in the opposite direction and turn out for Stubborn Old Man for the next eighteen months or so the deal could collapse.

As reported in The Guardian, the Armenian doesn’t see himself as a makeweight in this saga, but as a very important ingredient and, as he is not agitating for a move and is quite happy to remain at Old Trafford, he is carefully weighing up his options. (more…)


It’s almost back! Like the long awaited return of your favourite TV show, Premier League football will soon be re-appearing at a ground near you. All that remains now is to try and remember what happened in the last episode of the previous series.

Why is it that two weeks seems such a long time when we managed to get through the close season with relatively little difficulty? Well, we’ll tell you why, ‘cos we know. It’s because we are all mentally prepared for a long break in the Summer, but we have difficulty accepting that the new season grinds to a halt almost immediately after it begins. It’s like finally taking delivery of your new car, after waiting for two months, only for it to break down within the first mile. (more…)


During the international yawn and, due to the paucity of anything remotely interesting in the football world, we will be publishing some of the articles written, by our goodselves, for other publications.

The reason for this is twofold. One is the lack of anything else worth reading, but the other is to see how accurate, or otherwise, we have been over the years. See what you think and please use the comments section to let us know.

To begin with, here’s an article we wrote back in 2015 which looks at how important Marouane Fellaini was becoming, even then, to Louis van Gaal. It was written just before the Champion’s League qualifier against FC Bruges of Belgium. (more…)

Manchester United turned up at Old Trafford prepared for a stroll in the rain. There was a crowd of more than 75,000 and an air of expectancy that this was a game United could use to reduce the goal difference amassed by Manchester City when they played Palace last week.

After five minutes it looked like they would get their wish as Juan Mata put them in front but in actual fact, the scoreline of 4-0 was a touch flattering and better teams than Palace would certainly have scored a couple of goals against this United side. (more…)


What do the following have in common;-

Arséne Wenger, David Moyes, Sam Allardyce, Marouane Fellaini and Claudio Bravo?

The answer is that they were all, at one stage or another, unwanted by the supporters of their club and some still are.

There are others too numerous to mention but these five are probably of the highest profile at present.


Arséne Wenger is now at the point where he is tolerated by the fans and this only because he awarded himself a new two year contract recently. Most Arsenal fans would have preferred if he had left or moved upstairs at the end of last season but not Arséne. He is deluded enough to place his own self -importance above the wishes of the majority of the supporters and stay where he is. (more…)