There are many articles written about the top strikers where they are dissected, compared, praised and criticised in equal measure. Many of the scribes who pen these words of wisdom are trying to convince a footballing public that they have them down to a tee.

They want us to think that they have described them in such depth that we now know everything there is to know about them and can make an informed deduction as to who is the better of them.

As usual, this is all just so much hogwash, as our American cousins would probably say. We read, learn and inwardly digest. then we go on to make up our own minds based on what we have seen either live, or on TV, or both.

So here is, not just a comparison, but also a bit of background on the (probable) top six strikers in the Premier League. This is not an attempt to try and influence any decisions as to who may be the best, we are just presenting the evidence so that you, the jury, can reach your own verdict.

1 – Alexandre Lacazette (Arsenal) – Age 26

The new Arsenal striker has made a total of 262 senior club appearances, only six of which have been for Arsenal. The rest were for Lyon back in his homeland.

He has scored a total of 127 goals for his clubs with the last four coming from his six games for the Gunners.

Internationally, he has represented France at senior level on 14 occasions and, to date , only has one goal to show for it.

Total senior appearances = 276
Total senior goals = 128*

2 – Álvaro Morata (Chelsea) Age 24

Chelsea’s new star man has a little more experience of Europe than Lacazette but has made fewer senior appearances with 216 from which he has scored 91 goals.

These have been spread over two stints with Real Madrid sandwiching a spell at Juventus and ending up with his move to Chelsea where he now has six goals from his seven games.

With Spain he has appeared in 22 games, scoring 12 goals at senior level.

Total senior appearances = 238
Total senior goals = 103

3 – Sadio Mané ((Liverpool) Age 25

Currently injured, Mané’s 184 senior appearances include spells at Metz, RB Salzburg, Southampton and now, Liverpool.

He has scored 70 goals from those games with 16 coming in his last 32 games for his current club.

At international level he has represented Senegal on 48 occasions, scoring 14 goals.

Total senior appearances = 232
Total senior goals = 84

4 – Sergio Agüero (Manchester City) Age 29

By far the most experienced of the top six strikers in the EPL. He has played 416 times at senior level for Independiente, Atlético Madrid and Manchester City.

He has scored 225 goals in total for these clubs and has a pretty decent record internationally as well.

For Argentina he has made 82 senior appearances scoring 33 goals.

Total senior appearances = 498
Total senior goals = 258

5 – Romelu Lukaku (Manchester United) Age 24

The Belgian striker has already chalked up 266 senior appearances across his career with Anderlecht, Chelsea, West Brom, Everton and Manchester United.

From those appearances he has scored a total of 125 goals with seven of them coming for United.

He is also a regular for his country and has played 61 times, scoring 25 goals.

Total senior appearances = 327
Total senior goals = 186

6 – Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur) Age 24

The only “one-club man” on our list although he has spent time on loan at Leyton Orient, Norwich City, Leicester City and Millwall.

Kane has 176 senior appearances to his name and has scored 98 goals.

He has played for England on 23 occasions and has scored 12 goals. He is also likely to be the next permanent captain of his country.

Total senior appearances = 199
Total senior goals = 110

So there you have it. The cases for all six laid before you. Now it should be very easy to decide which one of them is currently the best, which will be the best in the future and if any of them will be the best of all time.

Having said that, we couldn’t split them other than to suggest that stubborn old man at Arsenal has the one with the least potential but we have been wrong before.

(*The total senior goals only includes international goals and domestic league goals at club level, not cup competitions).


  1. endy ubani says:

    morata is still young n vibrant trying to adapt to london football,I gv it to him. golden boot is his!


  2. lukaku can beat all to it I can’t see morata smelling the golden boot


  3. Sidney says:

    Nice sharee


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