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Regular readers could be forgiven for thinking that this has to be the easiest question we have ever posed. Why? Because it has to be the Manchester City midfield based purely on the fact that they have scored more goals than anyone else, and by quite a distance.

Whilst there is an element of truth to this argument, the City midfielders are assisted by the fact that they are currently the best team in the league and also that most of the chances they are creating are being converted into goals, which is a testament to how good their strikers are.

So here’s the ones we have chosen to feature. They may not be your favourite midfield pairings at any particular club but they are playing, barring injury, in the majority of the games.

Remember, we are looking at creative midfielders who will probably end the season as the assist kings, not the defensive ones who are there to break up play which is why the likes of Nemanja Matic and Eric Dier are not on the list.

Arsenal – Mesut Özil and Aaron Ramsey

Neither of these two are firing on all cylinders and it is quite possible that Özil will leave in the January window.

Ramsey has never really achieved the potential he was thought to possess. Certainly a very good player, quite a few believe that his leg break back in 2010 had a profound mental affect on his career and prevented him from unleashing the world class player that exists somewhere inside him.

This partnership is not going to win the title for Arsenal and, unless improvements are made, top four may even be beyond them.

Chelsea – N’Golo Kanté and Eden Hazard

One of the best pairings in the Premier League. These two played a major part in the team which won the title last season.

Hazard, on form and fit, will chip in with 10-15 goals per season, while Kanté is excellent both going forward and facing his own goal.

Chelsea will certainly make the top four and only inconsistencies in performance, such as against Burnley and Crystal Palace, will prevent them from winning the trophy.

Liverpool – Philippe Coutinho and Adam Lallana

Lallana is another player who needs to have a lengthy run of form and fitness to fulfil his potential. When he is out injured which is, unfortunately for Liverpool, more often than not, then the team doesn’t perform quite as well as when he is playing.

Coutinho is just a class player and justifies the interest of Barcelona in almost every game but he cannot do it alone and needs consistency alongside him.

Liverpool in general are not good enough to finish in the top three but could, with a consistent run currently not in evidence, take the fourth spot although it appears unlikely.

Manchester City – Kevin De Bruyne and David Silva

Along with the Chelsea pair, these are the best two in the Premier League. They have the edge over the Stamford Bridge duo however, because they create more goals and this has to be the ultimate yardstick. Add to this the fact they are also, as a pair, the most talented and it goes to show why City are considered title favourites.

The way they have started gives us no reason to change this opinion and all they need do is retain their consistency throughout the season to be crowned champions.

The only hope for the rest is that, when they have their inevitable slump, it is deep and long-lasting. Some hope!

Manchester United – Paul Pogba and Henrikh Mkhitaryan

Again a partnership which has been interrupted by injury and loss of form and it is this inconsistency which may very well prevent United winning their first title since 2013.

Pogba’s lengthy spell on the sidelines hasn’t been too damaging just yet but United are certainly a better team when he is playing.

Mkhitaryan has gone missing in the last few games, losing possession easily and failing to bust a gut to win it back.

Unless he starts to improve the only question is; how long will Mourinho persevere with him?

He would almost certainly be a casualty if Antoine Griezmann is bought in January.

Tottenham Hotspur – Christian Eriksen and Dele Alli

Another excellent pairing and probably the one which will aggregate the most goals. They both seem to be quite fortunate with injuries and the only reason for Dele Alli missing any games will be through suspension, due to his temperament.

As the “smallest” of the big six, Pochettino works wonders every season to keep Spurs in contention and, providing he can keep hold of his two star midfielders, they should be able to achieve a top four finish again.


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