Manchester United And Manchester City Aren’t Losing Any Type Of Game At The Moment. The Rest Are Losing All Types Of Games

Posted: October 17, 2017 in Arsenal, Chelsea, European Football, Football, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur
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It has been another successful weekend for Manchester.

City, in particular, looked mightily impressive against Stoke and United managed to keep the back door shut against Liverpool.

Despite Mourinho being criticised, totally ridiculously, for Liverpool’s inability to score, a draw is still a good result at Anfield.

Certain pundits, such as the idiot Garth Crooks at the BBC, thought United should have attacked Liverpool and tried to win the game, a tactic which could easily have gone pear-shaped and resulted in the first loss of the season. No, José got it spot on and, had Lukaku not shot straight at Mignolet when clean through, he could have been celebrating another one of his famous smash-and-grab acts.

City faced no such criticism of their perfomance and the only possibility of any was when Stoke managed to grab two reasonably quick goals to bring the score back to 3-2. As we all now know, it wasn’t to last with City racking up another four goals to win 7-2.

By doing this The Citizens became the first side since the 1894-95 Everton team to score 29 or more goals in first eight games of the English top-flight, quite an achievement considering that the record has stood for 123 years!

So who, out of the chasing pack, managed to keep pace with the Manchester clubs?

Well certainly not Chelsea, who managed to lose against the only team in the country with no wins, no points and not even a goal to their name. Antonio Conte’s team are nothing if not totally inconsistent. They have now lost one of their big games, which was against City, and two of their “small” games against Burnley and now Crystal Palace.

Their chances of winning the title are receding by the week and, unless their manager can come up with a solution to the inexplicable losses they are suffering, they will struggle to make third place, never mind challenge for the top!

Stubborn old man continues to do exactly what we expected stubborn old man to do. Arsenal lost against Watford in a game they should have been good enough to win. Wenger, as usual, spent post-match whinging on about how Watford shouldn’t have been awarded a penalty. He was right, but it doesn’t alter the fact that Arsenal are not a very good team at present and lost this game because they deserved to lose it, not because of a dodgy penalty award.

If Wenger wants to spend his time contemplating the bad decisions which have adversely affected his team he should concentrate on the one which has done, and will continue to do, the most damage. That being his own decision to continue as manager and further torture the already long-suffering supporters.

This Arsenal team will again miss out on a top four place.

Liverpool, as we know, drew with United and Klopp’s reluctance to try and win the game in the last half hour is what will prevent them finishing in the top three this season. Fourth is probably what they are realistically aiming for anyway, so it should come as no surprise to the supporters that the domestic cup competitions represent Liverpool’s best chance of silverware.

Tottenham seem to have found a way to win, (at least for one game anyway), at White Hart Wembley, albeit against Bournemouth and albeit by only 1-0. This result, however, will not fool Mauricio Pochettino, the team or all of the fans into thinking they are a very good team. They can be very good in patches but again, like Chelsea, they are far too inconsistent, particularly at “home”, to be considered title contenders.

They will compete for third place with Chelsea and the loser of this mini competition will finish fourth meaning that Arsenal and Liverpool will miss out on the top four completely and, in the case of Arsenal, deservedly so.

What do you think? Are United and City already uncatchable, or is it far too early to say?


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