Why Mourinho To PSG won’t Happen In The Next Couple Of Years

Posted: November 13, 2017 in Arsenal, Chelsea, European Football, Football, Jose Mourinho, Managers, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League
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Never say never. There is a chance that José Mourinho actually does want to manage PSG at some stage of his career, just not yet, it would only make sense if United were to sack him.

What would he achieve? A Champion’s League title in another country? Probably, but is that really the kind of achievement he wants on his CV? Winning trophies at a club who will forever be accused of doing so because of their wealth rather than any managerial ability.

No, Mourinho is far better off at United for the time being. Yes, he has money to spend but, in the Premier League unlike in Ligue 1, that is no guarantee that he will win the title.

He can continue to play his little games with the other managers and the board at Old Trafford with impunity. He is adored by the majority of the fans and, in truth, the ones who want him out are not genuine United fans anyway so their opinion can be discarded immediately.

He will probably sign a new contract which will reward his efforts with a pay rise although whether he is deserving of the kind of pay rise he wants is debatable.

When joining United he said he hadn’t even bothered to read the contract, he just signed it. Now it seems to have become important that his achievements are recognised in the form of a bigger salary.

Is he not just doing the job for which he is already very well paid? Winning two trophies in his first season was impressive but let’s put things into perspective. The two trophies in question were the League Cup and The Europa League, not the FA Cup and the Champion’s League. He won the ‘B’ trophies.

The team have now qualified for the knockout stage of the Champion’s League, (unless they fail to get a point from their remaining games), and sit second in the Premier League, eight points behind City. He has won nothing this season as of yet.

As we see it, he still has it all to prove and the contract should stay locked away, awaiting a signature and with the salary blank until he has won either the Premier League or the Champion’s League.

To give him a pay rise now when all he has done is what was expected of him when he took over, is to send out the wrong message. It would be saying that United are that desperate for any kind of trophy that they will reward the manager, whoever he may be, with massive amounts of money every time he wins anything.

Bear in mind also, that Mourinho would have been on a bonus for trophies won, so he will already have picked up a couple of very sizeable cheques for collecting the two cups last season.

So how would moving to PSG improve his lot? Well, he may get paid more, he would certainly have more money to spend providing the club are never prosecuted under FFP regulations which, it seems, they can flaunt at will, and he would be competing in a much easier league.

As his wife and family are, apparently, settled in London, (there’s no accounting for taste!), it is highly unlikely that they would suddenly up sticks and move to Paris which is further away than Manchester.

If he is a glory-hunter and craves trophies more than he craves personal pride in his own achievements, then a move to Paris makes sense.

If he wishes to be considered one of the best managers ever then PSG is the last place on earth he needs to be.


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