Bits & Pieces: More Games Featuring Two Of The Top Six

Posted: November 17, 2017 in Arsenal, Chelsea, European Football, Football, Manchester City, Manchester United, Newcastle United, Opinion, Premier League
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Yesterday we took a look at the three games involving Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur and gave you all a rare insight into the power that is gifted only to the rare few; that of foresight.

Using this foresight coupled with our uncanny ability to have a guess at absolutely anything, we are able to accurately state the outcome of Premier League games in which the top six, (or big six, if you prefer), are involved.

West Brom v Chelsea

Anyway, to the games. the final one of the three o’clock kick-offs in which we are interested is the game between West Bromwich Albion and Chelsea.


According to press reports Tony Pulis is another of those managers who only has two games to save his job. This is one of them and the other one is against Tottenham Hotspur away next week. Good luck with that then Tony!

In spite of the added pressure and certainly not because of it, it would be quite typical of Pulis to mastermind a win against Chelsea and take a point from Spurs, saving his job whilst denying that the thought of the sack ever crossed his mind.

While these would be two unlikely results, never under-estimate the power of a Welshman with something to prove or, more to the point, wanting to prove everybody else wrong!

We think he will actually get a draw at home with Chelsea and lose at Spurs becoming, in the process, ex-manager of West Bromwich Albion.

Antonio Conte has no such worries. He only needs to decide, at some stage but not yet, if he wants to stay at Chelsea or if he should leave before Roman Abramovich sacks him simply because he is growing tired of him.


With no injuries picked up during the international injury window, Chelsea could be at full strength for this game, with only Victor Moses being a doubt.

Chelsea’s habit of struggling to win games that should not represent a problem will ensure that they leave the Hawthorns with just a point.

Manchester United v Newcastle United

The late game will see renewed hostilities between two famous old adversaries. No, not Kevin Keegan and Lord Ferg, but almost! This time it’s José Mourinho and Rafa Benitez stepping into the ring.


It was actually Benitez’s wife, Montse, who once famously said that her husband often had to follow Mourinho into clubs and sort out the mess he had left whilst Mourinho replied by suggesting she should concentrate on her husband’s diet implying that Benitez was, (and still is), maybe a couple of pounds overweight!

But the encounter on the pitch will probably not be quite as feisty as the one’s off the pitch used to be.

Manchester United have the only other player injured during the internationals in….surprise, surprise….Phil Jones. Yes folks, football’s latest bearer of the monicker “sick-note” actually aggravated a previous injury whilst helping England to keep Brazil down to zero goals at White Hart Wembley.


Quite why Mourinho allowed him to go with the squad when other top six players were crying off with afflictions such as a broken fingernail or a runny nose, is beyond us mere mortals.

Suffice to say that all the players who weren’t fit for their countries have made miraculous recoveries just in time to play for their clubs.

In answer to Mourinho’s somewhat rhetorical question; yes, José, you were naive.

Newcastle have no concerns on the injury front. Their concerns are solely with how to try and legally take something away from Old Trafford.

They have struggled to find any form of consistency so far this season and may have to wait a little longer to start registering points on a regular basis. Their next two games are Watford and West Ham and these probably represent more realistic opportunities to pick up some points.

There you have it. The top six will have a mixed weekend with points being dropped by some and, as a consequence, points being gained by others.

Hopefully, by Monday we won’t be writing an article entitled “If Only Hindsight Was Foresight“!

Have a great weekend!




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