1 – Who Have Been The Current Top Sixs’ Best Signings In The Premier League Era? (Part 1)

Posted: November 27, 2017 in Arsenal, Chelsea, European Football, Football, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur
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If you could pick one player from the last twenty five years to represent your team in the present day, who would it be?

Here we make a few suggestions by picking one favourite from each of the top six teams, see if you agree and, if not, then let us know in the comments who you would pick.

The only condition we make is that the player in question must have been bought, not brought up through the ranks, so there will be no Steven Gerrard or John Terry, for example.

So today we start with Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool and tomorrow we will conclude with Manchester City, United and Tottenham Hotspur.


Thierry Henry


Believe it or not this one was a toss-up between Patrick Vieira and Thierry Henry. Vieira was so influential and was Arsenal’s equivalent to Roy Keane at Manchester United.

He was a more skilful player than Keane but just as fearless and perpetually motivated.

Henry, on the other hand, was a silky scorer of goals. He scored 228 of them during his eight years at Arsenal which makes him the record goalscorer for the club. He also holds the goalscoring record for France.

He was the PFA player of the year twice and the FWA player of the year three times.

All of which, in our opinion, makes him Arsenal’s best, and most influential, signing of the Premier League era.


Gianfranco Zola


This one was another close call as a very strong case could be argued for Frank Lampard being the most influential player of the period in question.

The reason we plumped for Zola though was because he helped to turn Chelsea into a force with which to be reckoned, whereas Lampard, whilst undoubtedly improving them, joined an already great team.

Signed by Ruud Gullitt in 1996, Zola would go on to score 80 goals in the 312 games he played for Chelsea over his seven years with them.

In 2003 he was voted Chelsea’s best ever player by fans of the club an accolade which will, possibly, be passed on to Eden Hazard if he remains with the club for much longer.

In 2004 Zola was awarded an OBE (Honorary Member) and in 2005 he was voted into one of the two striking positions in the Chelsea Centenary Eleven.

His number 25 shirt has never been worn by anyone since he left although the club deny that it has been retired.


Luis Suarez


Although only with the club for a very short time, the most influential and, probably best, signing has to be Luis Suarez. Joining in 2011 he scored 69 goals in his 110 appearances for the club.

He was consistent throughout his relatively brief stay in England but it was his final season for which he will be best remembered.

Liverpool should have won the Premier League title that year and only silly mistakes cost them and handed it to Manchester City.

That year Suarez won the PFA player of the year, the FWA player of the year, the Premier League’s Golden Boot and he shared Europe’s Golden Shoe with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Later that year he moved to Barcelona in deal worth €82.3 million but, in his short time with Liverpool, he had left a very long-lasting impression.

So that’s the first three teams dealt with. We don’t expect universal agreement with our choices but they are only suggestions.

We are quite prepared to accept that the clubs may have had better players at some stage, but more influential? Unlikely! However, we are talking about 25 years of Premier League football here and all of the current top six have had some great players during that time, so maybe we have missed one or two!

Don’t forget to read tomorrow’s article which will feature the other three clubs and give you another chance to totally disagree with our selection!

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