2 – Who Have Been The Current Top Sixs’ Best Signings In The Premier League Era? (Part 2)

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This is the second part of the article we began yesterday by asking which player, over the last twenty five years of the Premier League, has been the best/most influential signing for the top six clubs.

We have already covered Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool so today it is the turn of the other three.

Remember, our one stipulation is that the player in question must have been signed by the club and not have come up through the ranks, which rules out obvious candidates like Paul Scholes or Harry Kane, for example.

Manchester City

Sergio Agüero


Who else? Well, had it not been for the amount of injuries suffered during his career, then Vincent Kompany may have been a contender but we still think Agüero would come out on top.

The only other who could have run him close is David Silva but he can’t be said to have had the same impact as Agüero over the years.

Now City’s all-time record goalscorer with 179 it seems like just a short time ago when he made his debut by coming on as a substitute against Swansea at The Etihad and scoring within minutes of his arrival!

He is the joint holder of the record for most goals in a single Premier League game which is five and he achieved the feat in a record time of 23 minutes and 34 seconds.

He is the highest ever non-European goalscorer and reached 100 goals in the league faster than anybody other than Alan Shearer.

As City fans will remember, he was also responsible for THAT goal against QPR which won them the Premier League title in 2011/12 and which showed commentator Martin Tyler to be the clown most people already knew he was.

Due to a fairly obvious bias against City and their players, Agüero has never been named PFA or FWA player of the year and has never even been included in the Premier League Team Of The Year. This form of hierarchal stupidity has been prevalent throughout his time at the club.

Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo


There was never really any other candidate for this one. Ronaldo was, and still is, a world class player who won numerous trophies and accolades during his six years at United and has gone on to win even more since leaving for Real Madrid in 2009.

At United he won three successive Premier League titles, a Champion’s League title and a FIFA Club World Cup. He also collected an FA Cup winners medal and two League Cup winners medals.

By the time he had reached the ripe old age of 22 he had received nominations for both the Ballon D’Or and the FIFA World Player Of The Year. At 23 he won them both!

He is Portugal’s all-time leading goalscorer and has won the European Championships with them proving that, unlike a certain Liverpool-born ex-United team mate, he can improve an average team to the extent that they become competition winners.

As we said, this was an easy one, but the next one wasn’t.

Tottenham Hotspur

Gareth Bale


There are players in the Spurs team of today who could take Bale’s place as best/most influential player but, as with Eden Hazard at Chelsea, they either haven’t been there long enough yet or haven’t shown the required consistency levels just yet.

Christian Eriksen and Dele Alli will both come into the frame at some stage in the future, but not just yet.

Bale was a poor man’s Cristiano Ronaldo in that he had a similar impact with Spurs that the Portuguese had with United.

Bale’s importance to Tottenham was not immediately apparent. He was signed, as a left-back, in 2007 and it was only the arrival of Harry Redknapp as manager in 2009 which saw him transition into the attacking player we know today.

He was named PFA Player’s Player Of The Year in 2011 and 2013, a year in which he was also named in the UEFA Team Of The Year. In fact, 2013 really was HIS year as he also won the PFA Young Player Of The Year award, the FWA Player Of The Year award and the Premier League Player Of The Season award.

So what else did 2013 bring? Well, for Bale it brought a move to Real Madrid which, in turn, brought Tottenham €100.8 million so everybody won except the fans, as usual.

It must have been even more galling for them when the majority of that money was wasted by André Vilas-Boas. But that’s another story.


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