What Is Manchester United’s Best Defensive Line-Up? And Who Will Sell Who? We Look At The Big Seven Players Rumoured To Be On The Way Out Of Their Clubs

Posted: December 2, 2017 in Arsenal, Chelsea, European Football, Football, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur
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As regular readers of these chronicles will be aware we are not the biggest fan of Chris Smalling. Louis van Gaal called him Mike because he wasn’t an important enough player for the manager to be aware of his first name.

We have consistently referred to him as “Bambi-on-ice”, “Donkey Smalling” and other such less-than-flattering names.

He has never helped himself off the field by his constant claims of how good he is and how much he has helped the team, particularly when overlooked for the last England squad. The problem was that his claims of being a rock in the heart of the United defence came at a time when he couldn’t actually get in the team! (He is a long way from being the sharpest tool in the shed is our Chris)!

He has also paid for his dog to travel to London in the first class compartment of a train. As animal lovers ourselves, we don’t have a major issue with this but would suggest that it is not something he should be boasting about to the press. He should be aware that there are much less well-off people in the world who think that pampered clowns like Smalling should make better use of their ill-deserved wealth.

So, as you have probably guessed by now, he wouldn’t make it into our choice of defence for United. In fact, if we had the choice he wouldn’t even be at Old Trafford!

So what is the best selection in defence?

It seems that Luke Shaw is never going to be accepted by José Mourinho for whatever reason. This being the case then Marcos Rojo should be played at left-back. He is a competent no-nonsense defender and is left footed, unlike Ashley Young who is an incompetent defender and right footed.

One of the two centre-backs should be Victor Lindelof, who is now finding his feet, and the other should be Eric Bailly who has already proven himself to be one of the best defenders in the Premier League. At right full back, when fit, we would pick Phil Jones. He has pace, power and can tackle. Again, the current choice of Antonio Valencia is someone who is usually a liability when it comes to defending.

This is the back four we would pick when a difficult away game is to be played and some defending is likely to be required. A game necessitating a back three would change the scenario somewhat.

Here we would pick Bailly, Lindelof and Rojo as the three centre backs and now, because this is to be an attacking formation, we can have Young and Valencia in the two wing-back positions.

Phil Jones would be on the bench and Smalling would be at another club.

Will Chelsea really sell David Luiz and Willian?

Yes, but not to other Premier League clubs. They have been vilified for selling Matić to Manchester United so they will not want to make that mistake again.

If they do, then they deserve everything they get!

Expect at least one of them to be sold in the Summer.

Will Liverpool sell Philippe Coutinho?

Only if Barcelona retain an interest. As is often the case, when the deal does not go through at the expected time, the buying club’s interest cools. This is because they have a chance to evaluate the player and, more importantly, the outlay, for a longer period. Having done this they may consider that other players, who have not been previously scouted, represent better value for money.

It would appear that Coutinho still wants to go to Barcelona but his fee is deliberately off-putting. If, however, Barcelona were to decide that he was worth the money, then Liverpool would be foolish to stand in his way.

Will Tottenham sell Harry Kane?

Never say never. Kane would probably be quite happy to stay at Spurs for the remainder of his career but, as with any ambitious footballer, that eventuality would depend on how much he thinks he can win with them.

If Real Madrid, for example, were to express an interest in him that is something he would find hard to ignore. A move to Madrid is almost a guarantee of medals and trophies and includes the biggest one of all, the Champion’s League.

Does he really see himself as having a chance of winning it with Spurs? Watch this space!

Will Manchester City sell Sergio Agüero?

Again the question has arisen because, supposedly, Zinedine Zidane is fed up with Karim Benzema and wants to replace him.

Whether Agüero is a more realistic target than Harry Kane is very debatable as the Argentinian WILL feel he can win the Champion’s League with City.

City themselves though, may feel they can afford to sell him now that Gabriel Jesus has settled in and Raheem Sterling is scoring regularly. Again, watch this space!

Will Stubborn Old Man sell Alexis Sánchez and Mesut Özil?

Wenger has said no, so yes, they will be sold.

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