Jesse Lingard Seems To Have Finally Come Of Age

Posted: January 4, 2018 in Arsenal, Chelsea, Football, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur
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He still gives the occasional interview but is seen a lot less than he was when he first broke into the first team.

Back then it appeared that he was always on social media, or the United website or TV, usually with his tongue sticking out in ridiculously childish poses for the camera.

That is why the United fans didn’t take to him immediately. At Old Trafford it is always better to PLAY like a good footballer and earn the supporters respect, BEFORE you start behaving like a spoilt superstar.

Once you have made it then the fans will forgive almost anything, just ask George Best and, to a much lesser extent, Wayne Rooney.

When David Moyes was United manager for his thirteen months of fame he took the squad on tour to Asia, Australia and Europe and the stand-out “new” player in some of those games was Jesse Lingard.

He was a breath of fresh air and scored some excellent goals whilst providing decent link up play as well.

Then the season kicked off and he disappeared.

It turned out that he had disappeared to Birmingham City on a one month loan and he scored four on his debut for them!

After returning to Old Trafford he became a bit-part player, used sparingly by Louis van Gaal and then, initially, José Mourinho.

We will never know if his off-the-field behaviour was anything to do with his making few appearances for United ‘s first team but, if it was, then it would appear that he has learned his lesson.

He is now an important member of the first team squad and can be relied upon to score much needed goals on occasion. He still has the exuberance of youth which means he still runs round in circles every now and then, and he is still too easy to shake off the ball, but these are aspects of his game which can be improved now that his attitude seems to be right.

In his last game against Everton he proved his worth again with the second goal which secured the points for United at Goodison Park. Previously he had scored two against Burnley at Old Trafford, after coming on as a sub, to rescue a point for his team. His value at present cannot be under-estimated.

Naturally, there are now many United “supporters” joining the “we told you so” brigade. These being the owners of the world’s only accurate crystal balls which forecast exactly how Lingard would turn out. The same people who wanted him sold not too long ago now saying that he is an excellent player in a remarkable show of how easy it can be to wear two faces at the same time!

Of course, they are of the type who will never admit to a previous different opinion and “knew all along” what a good player he would become.

We must admit to having had our doubts about him and wondering if he would ever truly make the grade and, at one time, he was on our list of players who needed to be sold.

We are now very pleased to see him proving his doubters wrong. Let’s hope it continues.

PS The one downside to the victory at Goodison was the absence of Romelu Lukaku, who actually wasn’t missed at all. Without him in the team United had more control, played quicker football and used the spaces more intelligently. Maybe a big lumbering centre forward is not the way to go for United!


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