At Some Stage Tottenham Hotspur Need To Invest In Their Squad

Posted: January 3, 2018 in Arsenal, Chelsea, Football, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur
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This might seem like a fairly obvious statement but the truth is that Daniel Levy doesn’t strike us as a man who likes spending money on players.

With the demeanour and looks of a James Bond villain and all the business acumen required to play Scrooge in a pantomime version of “A Christmas Carol“,  he appears to be the archetypal, old fashioned employer who thinks that his workforce is a necessary evil and only there to make money for him.

Why else would he be prepared to borrow and invest in a stadium which, at the last estimate, is going to cost in the region of £800 million? This is according to club director Donna Cullen and is virtually twice the original price quoted.

The stadium will seat 61,000 on completion and Levy has yet to explain how he intends to do two very important things which are vital if he ever wants to see it full.

The first is to have a team capable of challenging for the title on an annual basis. This will require a significantly higher investment in wages than is currently in evidence.


Harry Kane, for example, is reportedly paid £110,000 per week. This, according to The Daily Mail, makes him the joint 35th best paid player in the Premier League.

Fortunately for Levy, Kane has signed a new contract until 2022, citing his “love for the club” as the reason for so doing.

It is to be hoped that his love for the club is stronger than his love for money and trophies if and when a club such as Real Madrid come calling, as they will at some stage.

So the first objective for Dastardly Daniel Levy should be to give his top players parity with their counterparts in the Premier League. By doing this, he may be able to hang onto the players who will actually attract people to the new stadium.

The second item on his agenda should be to give Mauricio Pochettino whatever amount of money he deems necessary to buy whichever players he deems necessary.

At the moment, Tottenham are not in a position to challenge for the title and, despite having a decent run in the Champion’s League, they will not win it, so they need to buy a couple of top quality players.

With transfer fees as they are there would likely not be much change from £100 million and we are pretty sure that the manager knows exactly who he would like to buy if he got the go ahead from his chief.

With two or three new arrivals to freshen things up and pay rises for others to ensure they remain with the club then Tottenham Hotspur have a chance of filling their new stadium.

If, however, Daniel Levy continues his business as usual, then they will have a shiny new stadium and a team nobody wants to watch because all of the best players will have left and the world’s top players will not be interested in a move to White Hart Lane.

We are certain, of course, that Levy is well aware of this and that he has a cunning plan with which he intends to amaze the waiting world at some stage in the near future.

Let’s hope it’s worth waiting for!

  1. choolwe chilonga says:

    Hot Spurs will never win the title


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