Manchester United Manager José Mourinho Is Happy With His Forwards, City Give Kevin De Bruyne A Rest And Klopp Nears Combustion

Posted: February 6, 2018 in Arsenal, Chelsea, Football, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League
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Manchester United won’t be buying any attacking players in the next transfer window. How do we know that? Because José Mourinho told us so, that’s how. Well, he didn’t exactly tell just us, he told anybody who was listening at the time so there can be no misunderstanding. Up front he is happy with his lot!

He has Romelu Lukaku who isn’t very good in the air, doesn’t hold up the play very well, as he frequently loses the ball, and only has one foot. He is quite good at doing goals, as long as he isn’t too far from the goal and the ball is close to his left foot.

Fortunately for our illustrious manager, Lukaku is not a basket into which he must put all of his eggs. He has Anthony Martial, Marcus Rashford and Alexis Sánchez, all of whom are very capable of playing wide on either side or centrally just behind Lukaku or, if necessary, as the main striker themselves.

Zlatan Ibrahimović – Nice work if you can get it!

He also, of course, has Zlatan Ibrahimović who looks likely to leave the club in the near future.

Showing remarkably astute business acumen it appears that United gave the Swede a new contract until the end of the season. He played in one game, against Bristol City, in which the team lost but he scored and he has been injured ever since.

If there is any truth in the reports that he is going to sign for LA Galaxy then United will probably release him from his contract in March so he can be stateside for the start of the MLS season.

This means he will have been paid around £300,000 per week for a couple of months as his contract would have been renewed in January.

Only one question comes to mind. Why bother? Why renew his contract at all if he was going to be let go by the end of the season at the latest? Surely this was an ideal situation to reach a pay-per-play agreement in which he would have been paid his money every time he represented the first team.

Still, Ed Woodward has never lost any sleep when losing United millions! He snuggled up warmly as the club paid £4 million more than was necessary to acquire Marouane Fellaini. He then pulled the covers completely over his head as they sold Angel Di Maria for £19 million less than they had paid for him.

He turned over and continued to snooze as Bastian Schweinsteiger, Morgan Schneiderlin, Memphis Depay and even Wayne Rooney were all moved on for considerably less than they had cost.

No, as we said, Ed doesn’t lose sleep anywhere near as much as he loses money!

Now, of course, he doesn’t even have to wake up until August when he will be in charge of spending even more to bring in the midfield and/or defensive reinforcements Mourinho will demand now that he is happy with his forward line.

Meanwhile at The Etihad…..


Pep Guardiola – Wants his players to have a rest

Pep Guardiola is giving his players three days off. On one of those rare occasions whereby City have no midweek fixture, he can afford for his main men to rest for a short period. No training, just rest.

Kevin De Bruyne will probably appreciate the gesture more than most as he has already played 42 games and this, with further progress likely in the Champion’s League added to participation in the World Cup for Belgium, is probably going to end up being close to 70!

Now, as regular readers know, we are not famous for being sympathetic towards “tired” footballers preferring to point out that even two games per week only involves running around a football pitch for 180 minutes, (or slightly more if extra time is involved).

But, with Kevin De Bruyne, we are prepared to make a slight exception. He has been Manchester City’s stand-out player this season and has registered more assists, crosses and through-balls than any other player in the Premier League.

He has also been without a regular partner to help him out as David Silva has been absent due to personal circumstances for a while now and Yaya Touré has been marginalised for most of the season. This has increased the workload on De Bruyne and, because of this, we wish him a quiet few days to recharge the batteries.

And finally…..

Virgil van Dijk – Assisted with yet another opposition goal!

The maniacal Jürgen Klopp is still trying to come to terms with football in England. Not only is the country capable of producing all four season’s weather conditions during one game of football, it is also capable of generating every emotion known to man in that same game.

From the ecstasy of scoring the first goal to the agony of conceding the equaliser. Then again, ecstasy at scoring with only one minute left, to agony again as his defence failed to defend and a second penalty resulted in a second equaliser.

As one Liverpool fan asked after the game, “why was he running around celebrating the second goal like an idiot instead of marshalling his players and calming them down so they could see the game out?”

A very fair question, we thought.


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