Would Winning The FA Cup And A Top Four Finish Represent An Improvement Over Last Season For Manchester United?

Posted: February 18, 2018 in Arsenal, Chelsea, Football, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, The FA Cup, Tottenham Hotspur
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On one hand, yes. On the other hand, no. If we had a third hand we would also plump for not knowing whether or not those two accomplishments would be deemed an improvement over last season’s three trophies.

In the league table, it has to be admitted, that any finish above sixth would be seen as an improvement but it must also be remembered that the final few games of last season’s Premier League campaign were deemed less important than usual due to United’s intent on winning the Europa League.

Winning the FA Cup would, of course, be an upgrade on winning the Carabao Cup as it is the major domestic knock-out cup in England. It requires, however, a favourable draw at some stage of the competition so United will be hoping for this in the coming rounds.

So if, for example, they finished third and won the FA Cup, this would have to be seen as an overall improvement.

The chances of winning the Champion’s League are remote so another European title is very unlikely but, again, it must be remembered that, if winning the Champion’s League would be a massive improvement on last season, then just competing in it is also a step up from where they were, so this already represents an improvement.

The problem, at present, seems to be that, despite all the millions that have been spent, the team is not playing any better than last season.


Alexis Sánchez seems to have settled in immediately but Paul Pogba is now suffering from a loss of form. Eric Bailly has had a long-ish term injury so the back four have suffered due to his absence, with Phil Jones and Chris Smalling being extremely unconvincing in the central defensive positions and Antonio Valencia and Ashley Young proving, yet again, that they are aging wingers NOT defenders.

Will it take more spending to fix the troubles at Old Trafford or will this squad of players be given the chance to turn it around? Only time will tell but our bet is that new players will be signed, yet again, in the next transfer window.

José Mourinho will certainly be looking for improvement as this season will be the first time in his managerial career whereby he hasn’t won the title in his second season.

So he may look at the campaign as a failure, not that he would ever admit to it! He will be desperate to at least qualify for next season’s Champion’s League by finishing in the top four and, preferably, second.


José Mourinho -A serial winner but maybe not this season

He will also want to win the FA Cup. Not just because he “wants to win everything he enters” but also to keep the team in the habit of lifting a trophy at the end of the season. The winning mentality is a very positive weapon in the armoury of a successful team but it can be very hard to regain if it is ever lost, just ask Nottingham Forest or Leeds United fans or, if the Premier League title is the aim, just ask Arsenal or Liverpool fans.

In closing we have to admit that we are not much wiser on the answer to the headline question and are sure that Manchester United supporters and others will have their own views on the subject. If so, then let us know below.

One thing is for sure, a top four finish and no trophy would not be seen as an improvement as the consequence is the same as winning the Europa League, which is a place in the Champion’s League for the following season.

This scenario may even be seen, by some, as a step backwards.

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