Brainless Boris, Zlatan’s LA Mission And Liverpool Fans Resort To Trying To Scare Manchester City!

Posted: March 24, 2018 in Arsenal, Champions League, Chelsea, Football, International Football, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, The World Cup
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So there is a slight chance that England will pull out of the World Cup due to the current tension between the UK and Russia.

As is often the case when politics and sport meet there are rarely any winners.

Back in 1980 the United States, among others, boycotted the Moscow Olympic games. They then spent the whole fortnight pointing out how many medals they would have won had they been there. The boycott was in protest at the Russian invasion of Afghanistan earlier that year and achieved precisely nothing, a little like the invasion itself.

Russia went on to find out, as America also would at a later date, that a war in Afghanistan is virtually unwinnable.

In 1984, when the Olympic Games were held in Los Angeles, guess who boycotted them? Correct, Russia, for no reason other than the U.S. had boycotted theirs four years earlier!

So politics, when mixed with sports, becomes a childish game of oneupmanship and gives rise to an attitude of “anything you can do, I can do better, and louder, and for longer” from supposedly mature adults.

One adult who is anything but mature, of course, is Boris Johnson who had to stick his oar in and make a typically stupid remark. He compared Vladimir Putin and today’s Russia with Adolf Hitler and 1936 Germany.

What Johnson forgot, mainly because he is an expensively educated idiot who can’t quite shake off the fact that he is, in reality, as thick as a brick, is that Russia actually boycotted those Olympics in protest at the rise of Naziism in Germany. Not only did Britain take part but they were also ordered to give the Nazi salute to Hitler by the Conservative government of the day!

In other words, shut up Boris and return to the underside of the rock from which you originally crawled!

In the unlikely event that England do not go to the World Cup because of the current political situation their stay in Russia is not expected to be shortened by very much and travel plans will not suffer major disruption.

So Long Zlatan, it’s been nice to know you…..


Zlatan Ibrahimović – About to fly to LA to join up with the Galaxy

So the big Swede is off to Los Angeles if reports are to be believed, and there is no reason why they shouldn’t be, paricularly as one is a full page ad in the LA Times announcing HIS arrival and taken out by none other than the man himself!

As soon as the “Beast from the East” appeared then his appetite for sitting on the bench on a cold, windy winter’s night in Stoke diminished and he decided to pack for sunnier climes.

We don’t blame him although he did say he was getting back to full fitness because he had “unfinished business” to attend to with United. We can only assume that that business has now been concluded. Maybe he just had to repay Paul Pogba a fiver he had borrowed for a sandwich in the Old Trafford canteen!

He leaves us with fond memories of his season at the club whereby he scored 28 goals and was, by far, the leading goalscorer at United. He was instrumental in the winning of the Community Shield, the Carabao Cup and the Europa League and, in fact, scored the winning goals in the two domestic finals.

He got injured before the Europa League final and missed out on that one but still collected a winner’s medal which was, surprisingly, his first ever in a European competition.

Next season he will be strutting his stuff in the MLS and will make that league just a little bit more interesting for those of us on the outside looking in. Good luck!

And finally…..


Liverpool supporters can usually be relied upon to have a bit more class than this

The two best footballing teams in England are about to meet in the Champion’s League. Liverpool fans are, rather stupidly, promising (threatening?) a hostile reception for both the Manchester City team and their fans.

This is a rather pathetic action in more ways than one. Firstly, to say that this is the Champion’s League so it is different, is rubbish. It is a game between two top English teams and the trophy for which they are competing is irrelevant to the type of football which will be played. They will play the way they always play.

Secondly, whatever the Liverpool fans get up to, they have to travel to Manchester six days later so do they not think there may be an element of revenge in the air? Are they incapable of working out that it is not a wise move to broadcast your intended actions before carrying them out and is even more stupid when the chance of revenge will arise so soon afterwards?

Naturally, we all hope that this is just a case of a few mouthy supporters with nothing better to do than try to apply scare tactics to their opponents. It won’t work and they should be wise enough to know it won’t work but, assuming that they don’t possess double figure IQ’s, they probably aren’t.



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