Under José Mourinho Manchester United Are Slowly Heading In The Right Direction

Posted: May 17, 2018 in Arsenal, Chelsea, Football, Jose Mourinho, Managers, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur
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Football supporters of the top clubs these days are about as patient as a five-year-old on Christmas Eve.

Back in the seventies, when Mancheser United were relegated to the second division there were disappointed shrugs and sighs of resignation but little else.

It had been coming for a while and, when it finally happened in 1974, nobody was really surprised and the optimism of Tommy Docherty in predicting that the club would bounce straight back to the first division was infectious.

As United supporters over a certain age will remember, the one season spent in the second division was actually one of the best ever to be a United fan. The football was exhilarating with two wingers in Steve Coppell and Gordon Hill providing plenty of goals for Stuart Pearson and, latterly, Jimmy Greenhoff although he wasn’t to join them until 1976.

The home attendance record at virtually every ground was broken when United were the visitors and the season flashed by with United easily winning the title.

When the team were relegated, we don’t recall anybody wanting the manager to be sacked. There was, of course, no internet on which plastic fans who have never seen a Manchester United player in the flesh and only “support” the team because of it’s name and success, could spout their idiotic theories and philosophies on social media.

Fans” from different towns and cities, indeed different countries, had to be content with watching the rare snippets on TV and reading the newspapers. How times have changed and, generally, for the worse.


LVG – Brash, arrogant and should have been the perfect fit for United but was actually outdated and past his best!

José Mourinho took over United just after Louis van Gaal had won the FA Cup and finished fifth in the Premier League.

The improvement in the first season was immediately evident with United winning the curtain-raising Community Shield then following that up by winning the Carabao (League) Cup and the Europa league, which also brought with it qualification to the Champion’s League as a bonus.

People who point to the sixth place finish as a negative fail to recall that, at the time, Mourinho was putting all of his eggs into the Europa League basket. He was resting players at the weekend in order to win the Thursday night games otherwise he would, probably, have managed to get the team into fourth position.

That would have meant playing a qualifying round prior to the actual Champion’s League so the manager gambled on the preferred option of winning the Europa League.

This season, despite a pathetic showing against Sevilla which resulted in United’s exit from the Champion’s League, the team have improved again. Anybody who cannot see this or thinks that there is a better man for the job than Mourinho at present is somewhat deluded.

The team finished runners-up in the Premier League to Manchester City who broke SEVEN records in winning it. In truth, the rest were all pretty average and United just happened to be the best of a bad bunch but they were better than last season.

They are contesting the FA Cup final against Chelsea and winning that would be an upgrade on the Carabao Cup.

So, with the exception of the Champion’s League in which they didn’t compete last season, United have improved in everything else.

They are still nowhere near the finished article and have much room for further improvement and this despite the ridiculous amounts of money already spent by Mourinho and Louis van Gaal before him!


Two ageing and poor defenders made to look reasonable by the heroics of their goalkeeper for years!

They still need some defenders. Maybe if they replace the two ageing wingers who can’t defend, buy a decent centre back to partner Eric Bailly and improve Victor Lindelof’s game, then David De Ge can have a rest from winning the “Player of the Season” award. Until then he will continue to make a pretty poor defence look reasonably good.

There is also the need for another world class midfielder, so the job is by no means done and, at a club like United, it never really is! And now, to make matters worse, Mourinho must do it without his trusty lieutenant at his side!

As true United supporters all we can ask for is that the manager does his best and that his best will take the team back to the top. Unfortunately, for some so-called “fans”, the fact that United didn’t win the treble in Mourinho’s first season means that he must be a failure and he needs to be sacked.

Our opinion is that we would rather the manager stayed and these “supporters” were the ones to leave. We wish that we could just turn the clock back to the days when supporters trusted a good manager to get it right, as with Tommy Docherty all those years ago and with Matt Busby before him.

We also know that our wish will not be coming true.


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