More From The World Cup Including: Wins For France, Denmark And Croatia, While Argentina Draw And Ronaldo Is Way Ahead Of Messi!

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Well that wasn’t too bad a game. France weren’t very good which should really have given Australia a chance to collect three points. The problem was that The Socceroos, whilst being full of huff and puff for around 70 minutes, also weren’t very good.

First goal went to budding documentary-maker Antoine Griezmann courtesy of VAR, which helped to decide that a foul had been committed in the penalty area and he scored with ease from the spot.

The Aussies then equalised with another penalty confirmed by the VAR team which seemed determined to make up for not being involved even once in the opening game.

The French winner, when it came from Paul Pogba, could never be denied as, yet again, VAR was brought into action to make sure there had been no infringement leading up to the goal and, this time, goal line technology also confirmed that the ball had crossed the line. No doubts on that one then!

Messi’s turn…..

In the next game, featuring Argentina and Iceland, Lionel Messi had the opportunity to match Cristiano Ronaldo’s achievements of the previous evening. He failed abysmally, tamely firing a couple of free-kicks straight into the wall and doing virtually the same with a penalty whereby the goalkeeper was the wall!

The game ended 1-1 and was memorable only for a Sergio Agüero strike and a penalty incident in which VAR wasn’t used. Iceland will be pleased with the point, Argentina must improve.

Bacon and marmalade sandwiches…..


Peru could have a decent World Cup if they can finish some of the chances they create!

Next up was Denmark against Peru which saw Peru do everything but score and Denmark do nothing but score the one goal which gave them the points.

It was a little unfair on the Peruvians who, on another day, would have been celebrating victory by a three or four goal margin but, today, it just wasn’t to be. They even managed to spurn the opportunity to take the lead when Christian Cueva’s penalty sailed over the crossbar having been awarded following another touchline review by the referee.

They now move on to face France and they will certainly create chances against them so, if they can improve their finishing, it would be foolish to write them off just yet.

A stroll for Croatia…..

The final game of the day was between Croatia and Nigeria and resulted in a 2-0 win for the former after a very disappointing performance from the latter. Another own goal and another penalty decided the outcome with Croatia strolling to a very comfortable victory.

Just as a side issue, the penalty scored by Luka Modrić for Croatia was the SIXTH to be awarded in the opening EIGHT games! That proves that VAR is improving the quality of refereeing decisions as, pre-VAR, some of these would not have been given and others would have been missed altogether. It isn’t perfect but it is certainly a big step in the right direction.

And finally…..

The personal battle between the best two players on the planet has returned to the competition that neither of them particularly excels in.

They would both dearly love to win the World Cup but, in fairness, Cristiano Ronaldo is unlikely to do so with Portugal and, judging by his team’s opening performance against Iceland, Lionel Messi is equally unlikely to do so with Argentina.


Ronaldo and Messi discuss whose turn it is to get the beer in and wonder why the film hasn’t started yet!

So they may very well go down as two of the best players never to win the World Cup. They wouldn’t be alone on this list, of course, because a certain George Best never even played at a World Cup, let alone won one.

They can, however, continue to show their talents on the world stage and continue their rivalry at international level.

Following the opening games for both countries, it is Cristiano Ronaldo who has opened up quite a gap between them. His three goals against Spain have already ensured that his name is written into the history books and the trivia quizzes of the future. His hat-trick was both his 51st and the 51st scored at the World Cup.

Lionel Messi, on the other hand, contrived to miss a penalty and another couple of half chances as his team only managed a draw against Iceland.

The competition between the two is bound to heat up as we get deeper onto the tournament but, for the moment anyway, it’s round one to Cristiano.

  1. xavier says:

    Interesting take. I still think Messi is far much better than CR7 but he usually fails to sparkle on the big stage. CR7 is made for the big stage. The bigger the stage the better he will play


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