More Bits & Pieces Including: Plenty Of Rest For The World Cup Wicked And New Contracts At Manchester United

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And on the 16th day they rested. Let’s face it, this football malarky is tiring. Since the tournament started on the 14th of June, the poor players have only been managing an average break of four days between games.

What kind of break is that? The selected combatants have had, occasionally, to run around on a football pitch which some of them have had to grace with their presence for a whole ninety minutes!

Now, in fairness, they have been training between matches on the days they haven’t been allowed off by their coaches.

We’ve watched Cristiano Ronaldo, for example, training with some of his Portuguese team mates. They have a nifty routine where the idea is that you kick the ball into the net from behind the goal line, somewhere near the corner flag. Granted, it isn’t exactly energy-sapping stuff but you never know when you may need to score from an illegal position off the pitch.

Also, there is always the danger of injury when days off are granted. Just look what happened to Gareth Southgate. England’s popular-until-the-team-loses manager contrived to dislocate his shoulder whilst running. That takes some doing but, then again, when you have made it to the lofty post of national team boss, Gareth knows a thing or two about achieving the unlikely.

So the football doesn’t return until the 30th when France meet Argentina and Uruguay play Portugal. Some of the more original members of the press may even notice that these games could be sub-titled Pogba v Messi and Ronaldo v Suárez.

We will reserve any judgement or comment until after the games have been played so expect our considered and valued opinions tomorrow. Bet you can’t wait!

Meanwhile, back in Blighty…..

The transfer market is beginning to gather a little momentum.

ki (2)

Newcastle’s new signing – and all done without the aid of a chequebook!

Newcastle United have actually signed a decent player. Not only that but Mike Ashley hasn’t had to spend any money. No he just went, cap in hand, down to Wales where he explained to Huw Jenkins how poor his club were and, lo and behold, he came away from Swansea with Ki Sung-yueng for free! Rafa Benitez is reportedly delighted with the signing as it means he hasn’t yet spent any of his transfer budget of £2.50.

Wayne Rooney has completed his move from Everton to DC United in the MLS. This became a strange move when Sam Allardyce was handed the “situations vacant” section of the newspaper and told to do one.

Everybody, (yes, even us), thought that Rooney’s problem at Everton was with big Sam and that maybe he would stay if the former England manager was given the order of the boot. That, however, has turned out not to be the case and the mercenary side of Rooney’s character appears to have reared it’s very ugly head again.

As the world is aware he tried, and succeeded, in holding Manchester United to ransom on two occasions in the past. United should have sold him on both of those occasions but folded like a pack of cards. Then, when it was becoming painfully obvious what an average player Rooney had actually become, José Mourinho finally got rid of him, albeit very politely.

So it was back to Everton and Rooney couldn’t help but trumpet from the rooftops that he was taking a massive pay-cut to rejoin his boyhood club and that he wouldn’t have signed for any other Premier League side.

The problem was, of course, that by now he wasn’t even good enough for Everton and he obviously began to regret not going for a bigger pay packet, particularly as he was doing very little for the money!

Fortunately for him the good old USA was still calling. That’s the place where they’ll pay him a fortune to deliver his own kind of average football and, for a year or so, he’ll probably get away with it.

And finally…..

First the bad news and Marouane Fellaini has signed a new contract at Manchester United. Why is this bad news? After all, he’s not a bad player to have on the bench and now at least some money can be spent on other positions.


Big and daft he may be but it isn’t his fault that United have allowed him to sign a new contract months after they should have released him

It is bad news because it shows United up to be weak yet again. Following the two Rooney debacles we previously mentioned, the club have now allowed Fellaini to disrespect them by, firstly, refusing to sign the contract and then let him wait for offers he thought would be better than the one United stupidly left on the table.

When those offers didn’t arrive he professed his loyalty to the Old Trafford club and signed.

The offer should have been withdrawn as soon as he refused to sign and he should have been released.

The good news is that David De Gea is likely to sign a new five-year contract.

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