More Transfer Bits & Pieces From The Premier League Top Six Including Alisson To Liverpool

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Whisper it quietly readers, but Liverpool have bought a new goalkeeper. Apparently, after a costly mistake in a pre-season friendly, Loris Karius is no longer to be trusted as numero uno at the club.

Forget that he single-handedly, (almost literally), cost Liverpool any chance they may have had of beating Real Madrid in the Champion’s League final. No, it would appear that Jürgen Klopp, that soft-hearted old teddy bear, was prepared to forgive him those mistakes and continue with him between the sticks for another season.

Whilst highly doubtful that that would turn out to be the case it is definitely true that Liverpool’s number two is no better than Karius, so something really had to be done, and now it has been done, subject to a medical.

Alisson Becker, who sounds like a German pole-dancer, was on his way to Anfield as the club broke the world record transfer fee for a goalkeeper.

At this stage they didn’t have many options so an offer of around €75 million was accepted by Roma to secure the services of the keeper.

The 25 year-old is the current Brazilian first choice and his last memory of playing at Anfield would be when he conceded five goals in 30 minutes during a Champion’s League game there last season. He’ll be hoping that doesn’t happen again in the near future!

Liverpool have finally been forced into action due to the probability that Thibaut Courtois is going to leave Chelsea for Real Madrid as a fee has now been agreed between the clubs. Alisson would then have been first on their list to replace him so the Merseysiders have been quick to react to that potential eventuality.

Meanwhile, at a training ground somewhere in Carrington…..


Alexis Sánchez can’t hide his frustration as a City fan cuts him up at a junction near Carrington

Alexis Sánchez is beating traffic cones with ease and curling free-kicks past static mannequins at will. Why is that? Because he is the only one there, that’s why.

Everybody else has either cleared off to LA or is on holiday following strenuous exertions playing World Cup football for a while, some even played seven games, (Croatia did when extra time is included). That’s a whole 630 minutes or ten and a half hours in only five weeks. That must be exhausting!

Anyway, we digress. Little Alexis fell foul of the Spanish tax man back in January and agreed to a suspended prison sentence for his “sins”. This doesn’t sit too well with American bigwigs who, despite nearly all being descended from illegal immigrants, have decided that the diminutive Chilean can’t have a visa to visit their nice little country.

It will, no doubt, be sorted out when somebody the Glazers know talks to somebody else in government who knows somebody in the right department and a little envelope is tucked into the next diplomatic pouch heading to Manchester. Then Sánchez can make his own way to the US of A for a “better-late-than-never” appearance with the squad.

Down in London…..

Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino is watching the rest of the big six make signings to move away from Spurs whilst the likes of Everton and West Ham are making signings to move alongside them.

Have no fear, Dastardly Dan is here! With a cunning plan worthy of Baldrick, he intends to prise Jack Grealish away from Aston Villa for a bargain price.

Knowing that the midlands club are having severe financial difficulties, DD has decided he can help them out. He intends doing this by paying as little as he possibly can for Grealish but, as he would say, every little helps.

Whether the purchase of the Villa player would make a massive difference to this current Spurs team is highly debatable. He is good enough to slightly improve it but, then again, so is Toby Alderweireld and he can’t get selected!

What certainly wouldn’t improve the side would be buying nobody and selling the Belgian defender and, at Spurs, this is also a scenario which can’t be entirely ruled out.


Toby Alderweireld remains calm amid all the transfer speculation

And finally…..

Having been gazumped by Chelsea/Napoli in the transfer of Jorginho, Pep Guardiola has now decided to cast his eye over Miralem Pjanić. The Bosnian currently plays for Juventus but would cost more than the fee paid by Chelsea for Jorginho.

He is, however, a better player than the Italian and is certainly better than Mateo Kovačić who Real Madrid value at around €80 million and was another reported alternative for City.

But, then again, maybe nothing will happen and City will just have to win the title with what they have.

  1. Good signing for Liverpool. They really needed that.


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