More On Manchester City’s Chalk And Manchester United’s Cheese

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FA Community Shield - Manchester City v Chelsea

Not too long after Manchester City’s convincing 2 – 0 win over Chelsea at Wembley, Manchester United were toiling to a 1- 0 defeat in Bavaria.

Pep Guardiola’s chalk had strolled to victory, collecting the first trophy of the season on the way, without Ederson, Kevin De Bruyne, David Silva and Raheem Sterling.

Likewise, José Mourinho’s cheese took on Bayern Münich without Romelu Lukaku, Paul Pogba, Nemanja Matić, Marouane Fellaini, Ashley Young and Antonio Valencia. This is not to suggest that the last two would have made any difference whatsoever but others may have done.

By the end of the game in Germany, United had most of their youngsters on the pitch and the team, in age if nothing else, resembled the City team which BEAT Bayern in America.

So is there still a big difference between the teams? You bet there is! Whatever excuses Mourinho wishes to come up with such as, the World Cup, the shorter transfer window, not getting in the players he wanted and any one of a number of assorted moans and groans which have been passed off as press conferences this summer, the same conditions have applied to the rest of the top six and only Liverpool can say they have had an excellent transfer window.

At the end of the day, United have brought in a defensive midfielder who is an upgrade on most of what they already had. This, despite the fact that the positions in dire need of strengthening were, and still are, the full backs.

Yes, they have signed Diogo Dalot, but is an inexperienced 19 year-old really the answer right now? In truth he HAS to be better than an aged winger converted to a role about which he is clueless but, as he is injured, we won’t see him until around September.

A third choice goalkeeper was hardly an essential purchase when Chris “Donkey” Smalling and Phil “Train Wreck” Jones are woefully below the standard required by a club like United.


Will one or both of these two be playing for United this season?

It may be that they sign one of Harry Maguire or Toby Alderweireld, which will solve one of those positions and a fully fit and in-form Eric Bailly or Victor Lindelof could solve the other.

If all of this can happen before the Leicester City game on Friday, United fans will feel a little more confident about their team’s chances of a top four finish this season.

Mourinho, however, is warning that without the ONE signing he wants the season will be “difficult“. How is that possible, assuming that the one signing is a centre-back, when he already has five internationals vying for the two spots?

Manchester City wanted, and may still get, a defensive midfielder as cover for Fernandinho. Judging by the way Jorginho played against them in the Communty Shield, he is going to take some time to settle in and Guardiola may have dodged a bullet there.

It is difficult from one game to judge whether City are very good or Chelsea are very bad but, in this case, we have to assume a little of both.

Maurizio Sarri has only been in charge at Stamford Bridge for two weeks whilst Pep is in his third year at The Etihad. Sarri was also without players such as Thibaut Courtois, Eden Hazard and N’Golo Kanté so, in that respect, the match was evened out but, for the rest, it was all about Manchester City.

Even at this ridiculously early stage of the season they look like the team to beat and, judging by the transfer business done so far by the top clubs, the only team who will be seriously challenging them is Liverpool. The rest will be fighting for the other two top four places.

In conclusion, Manchester City’s chalk will not be being wiped out in the near future but Manchester United ‘s cheese could leave a nasty smell if Mourinho lets it fester.

And finally…..

Sweden vs France

Hugo Lloris – Contemplates yet another mistake as, this time, it’s France who suffer the consequences

Butterfingers is back! Spurs fans will be pleased to know that their very average goalkeeper has managed to return to London without mishap. He didn’t drop his phone, wallet or man-bag and is due to report to training as soon as he can find his diary with the agreed date in it.

The World Cup winner will soon be back to being beaten at the near post and completely missing crosses, habits loved and adored by the White Hart Lane faithful.

At least his return may distract supporters from the fact that Spurs have signed nobody yet and, in fact, have transfer listed three internationals. That must be the price of progress in North London these days!


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