More On Why VAR Technology Should Be Ignored, (According To Some Anyway)

Posted: September 18, 2018 in Arsenal, Chelsea, Football, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur
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Some people, notably ex-players/managers, also notably, Stuart Pearce, who was never better than average in either role, are against the introduction of VAR.

They live with their heads in the sand which, by definition, also places them in the dark ages.

What they want is for referees to continue to get major decisions wrong. They see this as the way forward. They want diabolical calls, such as the Frank Lampard “goal” against Germany at the 2010 World Cup, to remain unchecked and uncorrected.

They meander through life being paid lots of money for airing their ridiculous opinions, usually using words of no more than two syllables, whilst checking their mobile phones and tablets in order to keep up with the latest news from The Sun, The Daily Star, Sky Sports News and other such mind-numbingly crass sources as these.

Yes folks, these clowns who would deny football the opportunity to move into the 21st century alongside Cricket and Rugby, have not denied themselves the opportunity to take advantage of modern technology. The hypocrites who are forever clouding our TV screens only think the modern age should be taboo for others, not themselves.

So, if left to them, professional football will remain in the hands of human beings even though technology has been proven to improve the game.

Not too long ago the debate was about goal-line technology and whether or not it should be introduced. Well, it has been introduced and with such success that it is never mentioned these days. That is a measure of how good it has been.

GLT was feared almost as much as witches in the middle ages but, unlike the witches, it has been an unqualified success

The same would apply to VAR, which would only he used in certain circumstances and only to confirm or deny the validity of a clear cut decision possibly missed by the referee.

Beware though, for there are dinosaurs out there who would have us remaining in the past no matter how far into the future we may wish to travel. Progress is being held up by idiots but, as far as we know, that has always been the case in all walks of life.

Common sense usually prevails in the end.


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