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Some people, notably ex-players/managers, also notably, Stuart Pearce, who was never better than average in either role, are against the introduction of VAR.

They live with their heads in the sand which, by definition, also places them in the dark ages.

What they want is for referees to continue to get major decisions wrong. They see this as the way forward. They want diabolical calls, such as the Frank Lampard “goal” against Germany at the 2010 World Cup, to remain unchecked and uncorrected. (more…)


602  Arsenal

The Gunners have finally won a game under Unai Emery at the third attempt. Having lost at home to Manchester City then away to Chelsea, not necessarily games from which they would be expected to pick up points at any stage of their evolution, they managed to overcome another side with another new manager who were also pointless from their opening games.

The difference is that West Ham’s aims for the season probably include a top half finish whereas this would represent a disappointing campaign for Arsenal who will be looking at top six, if not top four. (more…)


Video Assistant Referee, (VAR) as it is called by those in the know, has been a relative success in this World Cup. It has made incorrect decisions almost a thing of the past and that is the whole point.

Incorrect decisions” suggests that a clear and obvious error has been made and VAR is there to right these wrongs.

In the final of the World Cup there were two opportunities to use VAR, or there were none, depending upon your point of view. (more…)


We are approaching the time of the season when there isn’t much of it left! The Premier League title is done and dusted as are, apart from one possible turnaround, the three places behind the champions.

There is still a scramble at the bottom end but it looks pretty bleak for the stripy clubs. West Bromwich Albion are virtually gone, with Stoke City and Southampton favourites to join them in the Championship. Just above them, Swansea City remain, probably, the only non-stripy club who may be relegated whilst the list is completed by Huddersfield Town. The rest should be safe. (more…)


On the south coast Arsenal played Brighton in a game they were not favourites to win. This is a statement which, for the last twenty years or so, (and probably longer), would have been scoffed at by the vast majority of football followers.

This Arsenal, however, have taken their game to a new level which is decidedly lower than it has been for decades.

It wasn’t long before they were 2-0 down to Brighton thanks to some decent finishing and awful defending. Fortunately, for The Gunners, the hosts switched off just before half-time and allowed Arsenal to pull one back. (more…)


(Juan Mata’s knee races ahead of everyone but fails to beat the system despite the strangely shaped lines not being parallel to the penalty area!)

Juan Mata scored a goal, against Huddersfield in the VAR Cup, which was ruled out due to his right kneecap being in an offside position.

Unlike the War of Jenkin’s Ear, which resulted in a conflict between Britain and Spain lasting nine years, the VAR of Mata’s Knee only resulted in much discussion, disagreement and conjecture, and will probably last a few days.

Mata, for a midfielder, is caught offside far too often. His goal was the third occasion on which he had been penalised in the first half alone which, for the intelligent footballer he undoubtedly is, is around three times too many! (more…)


Some Very Average Refereeing resulting in some Very Awkward Results has culminated in the introduction of a system known as VAR, which could stand for  Virtually Anything Really.

The Video Assistant Referee is a very highly technological innovation which, after years of testing, allows a bloke to sit in a room, miles away from the match in question, and watch it on the telly!

Millions of fans have been doing this for years so, apart from said bloke being able to communicate with the referee, in circumstances when he thinks he’s got it wrong, what is the difference? (more…)