The Current State Of The Top Six In The Premier League (Part 2)

Posted: February 9, 2019 in Arsenal, Chelsea, Football, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur
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As promised and continuing our last article we now conclude our look at the current state of the top six with the remaining three clubs.

Manchester United

Now in fourth place having just beaten Fulham by three goals to nil United are the form team of the top six at present.

With a much changed team from the one expected to be facing PSG on Tuesday, Ole Gunnar Solskjær proved, yet again, that he has the tactical nous and the depth of squad required to be able to compete in three competitions.

With Liverpool now drawing and having to rely on referees and linesman ignoring the offside rule, the two Manchester clubs are, on current form, the best in the division.

United should be able to cement fourth position between now and the end of the season and may even get third.


Maurizio Sarri may be a good manager but his record of winning trophies is on a par with the Manchester United manager. What does not seem to be on a par is the ability to motivate his team to win games. Solskjær is, at this moment in time, proving to be the best exponent of that particular attribute.

Assuming Chelsea lose tomorrow when they face Manchester City at The Etihad they will remain in fifth position and it is difficult to see them ascending any further unless there is a collapse from above, which looks very unlikely.

Sp we can probably expect a new manager, (yawn), at Stamford Bridge next season given that City will also beat them in the Carabao Cup final and United will knock them out of the FA Cup, meaning a Europa League place is all they can look forward to next season.



Hopefully Emery will be allowed to be himself and not forced into being Arséne Wenger Mk2

The most inconsistent of the top six despite having just beaten Huddersfield, who will be relegated, away from home.

They still cannot defend although, in fairness, Unai Emery was told he could only bring in loan players during the recent transfer window, (who remembers when Arsenal were a big club)?

Because of this they brought in Denis Suarez from Barcelona who just happens to be a midfielder with no evident liking for defending.

Arsenal fans will be hoping that Unai Emery has not been ordered to read the Arséne-Wenger-book-on-how-to-run-Arsenal-football-club-with-particular-onus placed-on-transfer-business.

In fact, the majority of Arsenal supporters will be hoping that Emery, at some stage, can build the team as he would like but it may very well take a couple more transfer windows and it will certainly entail the club having to spend some money on permanent deals and not expect their manager to survive on loan deals.

So, in conclusion, we expect the top six to remain the same six clubs but with some in different positions. The top four will be as follows:

Manchester City
Tottenham Hotspur
Manchester United

they will be followed by:


So there you have it, don’t say that you weren’t informed when we reach the end of the season and our prediction proves to be 100% accurate, (for the first time ever).


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