The Top Six Still Don’t Know The Answer And Time Is Running Out!

Posted: April 2, 2019 in Arsenal, Chelsea, Football, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur
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So Ole’s got the gig. He has been signed as the clubs new resident entertainer for the next three years or until he does something disagreeable to fans or board which results in him following the path already trodden by David Moyes, Louis van Gaal and José Mourinho.

Described as the new “permanent” manager, one could be forgiven for wondering if the great British media have forgotten the meaning of the word. “Permanent”, the last time we checked anyway, does not mean “three years”, it means infinitely. It’s a little like the current moronic trend of saying that players “gave 110%” or that “we achieved the impossible”, both of which are actually impossible and only said by people who should either know better or are severely lacking any form of common sense whatsoever.

So to be installed as the permanent manager on a three year contract is one of our new favourite oxymorons.

Still, we wish him well if only because he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for bringing harmony to the Old Trafford dressing room and we enjoy watching United play each week for the first time in a while and only wonder what will now become of poor Mauricio down in Tottenham.

He was probably expecting a call from Madrid and Manchester and was thinking of how he would use the two to a) get the best deal from Real, b) get the best deal from United, or c) get a better deal from Daniel Levy.

As it turns out he now only has one of those options available and very little leverage with which to work the Spurs chairman into a corner. So it looks like Tottenham fans can expect another almost barren transfer window with only maybe one new arrival which, in our humble opinion, should be a goalkeeper given that Hugo Lloris has been fooling a lot of people into thinking he is good in the position for quite a while now.

Premier League - Liverpool v Tottenham Hotspur

Toby Alderweireld scores a goal for Liverpool in yet another massive stroke of good luck for the Merseysiders

Liverpool, meanwhile, are relying on lucky, last minute goals to fire them to the title having managed another against the aforementioned Tottenham at Anfield. This time, instead of a lucky bounce and a dodgy keeper, (as against Everton), it was a lucky bounce and a dodgy Spurs defender who put the ball in his own goal. With luck like this who is going to stop Liverpool collecting the trophy in May?

Manchester City, that’s who! Pep’s men are quietly going about their business relying on skill, teamwork and a never-say-die attitude. All of this means they will win the title because they deserve it based on performances over a season not based on luck in the dying minutes of games.

But what about Arsenal we don’t hear you ask? They have found a decent little run of form and have beaten two Uniteds at The Emirates recently in Manchester and Newcastle. We are constantly being told that they have the “easiest” run-in but we beg to differ.

This, after all, is Arsenal so they will fail to beat Everton, Watford, Burnley, Leicester and Wolves, (all away from home), and may even struggle to beat Crystal Palace in a London derby at The Emirates which means they will finish just outside of the top four. Unai may, however, win his favourite competition and do something which his predecessor failed to do in his final season.

The same option of qualification to next season’s Champion’s League is still open to Chelsea who may, if the draw is kind, find themselves playing Arsenal in the final. Fourth spot in the Premier League looks to be beyond them as they will not be able to rely on diabolical refereeing decisions in every game they have left and they are not good enough to continue winning without them. Never mind, maybe a change of manager in the summer will bring a change of fortune, it usually does.

So we end where we started with Ole and his United team. All he needs to do now is keep winning matches and we can guarantee that all those other teams in the top six below City and Liverpool will lose games meaning that a top four finish is a shoe-in. What a manager!

  1. pauleee says:

    Diabolical!? On the contrary, the Football Gods (the Good side) sometimes collectively smile and throw a bone to the weaker, less fortunate clubs. I for one will always remember where I was when wee Chelsea slayed the monstrous red dragon (cleverly disguised as a blue bird), a feat that surely rivals that of Leicester City winning the title. Things like this just don’t happen very often.

    31/3/19 NEVER FORGET!


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