It’s official! Ed Woodward really is an expert on football. This may come as a bit of a surprise to the vast majority of United fans, Louis van Gaal and all the ex-players who hang around Old Trafford these days. They think he is clueless. They think he keeps buying the wrong players and failing to buy the right ones.

Wrong! Ed knows what he is doing and disagreeing with the club’s most famous manager will prove that to be the case.

On the one occasion he probably should have disagreed with Sir Alex Ferguson, he didn’t, and David Moyes was appointed as manager. We all know how that one turned out.

Now, with hindsight added to his stupidity, he thinks an ex-player would be a better choice as Director of Football than Fergie’s choice. Fergie’s choice was reported to be Steve Walsh, an ex-player and very successful DOF at Leicester.

So we can only assume that dopey Ed, when referring to an ex-player, actually means an ex-United player. If so the candidates are many.

Picking up easy money for all-expenses-paid trips to drink in different countries around the world may seem like a nice little earner but for all-action heroes like Bryan Robson, Denis Irwin , Dwight Yorke, David May et al, surely the challenge to give something back to the club would be more appealing! No, we doubt it as well.

So who does Ed want? Who knows? Who cares because, if this appointment turns out to be anything like most of his signings, then it is doomed to failure before it has even happened.

Why will it take so long to fix United…..?

According to Gary Neville, (and a few others), Manchester United won’t be in a position to challenge for the title in the next two years because so much is wrong with the club.


Gary Neville may even be able to grow a full beard in the time required to “fix” United

He is probably right as it is not as simple as it was at City where Guardiola, having won nothing in his first season, just shipped out the dead wood and brought in new players in the positions where it was required.

United could certainly start by shipping out some dead wood and it is a sad state of affairs that United supporters, having grown totally fed up with the lack of movement, have started a petition to get Chris Smalling, Ashley Young and Phil Jones out of the club. That list can now be extended to include Jesse Lingard who is a very average player but a world-class idiot.

This then relies, to an extent, on suitable replacements being brought in and, for that, we have to trust in Ole Gunnar Solskjær who we only hope can overrule Ed Woodward on transfer dealings.

This, however, is still only papering over the cracks and until Woodward is back in the marketing department, where he belongs; until the Glazers sell the club to anyone who is actually interested in football and until a Director of Football is appointed then Gary Neville’s assessment may be a little optimistic. We hope not.

England youngsters show same lack of direction as senior team…..

England played France in their opening game at the European Under-21 Championships in Italy. As we expected, they lost. They then lost their second game to Rumania and, consequently, are returning home shortly to look back on missed opportunities and bad management.


Another clueless “yes” man in charge of an England team

If Gareth Southgate wants the under-21 team to be run as a mirror image of the senior team then he is getting his wish.

They have an unqualified, average manager who is a nice guy. They are tactically very naive and seem to refuse to admit that they are not a very good team.

All of this, of course, could be said about the women’s team manager but, in actual fact, they are quite a good side.

When will England realise that, despite some Mickey Mouse ranking system,they are not amongst the top ten nations in the world at ANY level? Probably never, given their sense of entitlement, but we live in hope.


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