Ole Seems To Be Settling In And Tracey Neville Fails Slightly Less Than Her Brothers

Posted: July 24, 2019 in Arsenal, Chelsea, England, Football, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Tottenham Hotspur
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So Ole Gunnar Solskjær is going to replace any players sold during this transfer window, according to the man himself anyway.

Well, he hasn’t replaced Ander Herrera yet with Ed Woodward trying to be clever, (yet again), by refusing to pay the asking price for Bruno Fernandes. He is doing the same with Harry Maguire although he may end up being proved right on that one. United need desperately to get rid of Chris Smalling and Marcos Rojo who both underperform in that position.

Another who should have been gone for years is Ashley Young and United fans have now started to express their frustration by booing him when he is on the pitch, where he should never be. There is no excuse really for United fans to boo a United player but it is becoming more and more understandable as these average players linger on and on at Old Trafford with no sign of them ever leaving.

There was, for example, a perfect excuse to get rid of Jesse Lingard after he posted a stupid video of himself on holiday in Miami. If he had done so under Sir Alex Ferguson he would be long gone by now. Not under this regime. No, Ole says he has “had a word” with Lingard who remains at the club whilst also remaining a childish idiot.

Things on the pitch are shaping up quite well with three victories out of three on the money-grabbing tour of Australia and Asia. Axel Tuanzebe is proving to be the best partner for Victor Lindelof in central defence, allaying any fears that Woodward may have about overpaying for Harry Maguire. The club don’t actually need him although he would still be a good buy at the right price.

Romelu Lukaku still wants to lumber around the football pitch but would rather do so in Italy. The fact that United supporters are quite happy for him to go, despite the number of goals he has scored, is testament to the way the manager now wants the team to play and the fans wholeheartedly buying into it.

Inter Milan will not be his destination if they continue to offer well under his value and the question has to be raised; do they really want him? We know that Antonio Conte does but do the club? Or are they trying to keep face and save money at the same time. They can make it look as though they are trying to buy Lukaku in order to keep their manager happy, but never offer enough whereby they actually get him, probably keeping the board happy.

Who knows? We will have to wait and see as is also the case with new arrivals who have been linked with Manchester United. To date there have been about 627!

Meanwhile back at Neville mansion…..


Two England failures who will not be remembered for much other than being nice people

Tracey is the least well known of the Nevilles. She has just led England’s netball team to a third placed finish at the World Cup.

This is one place higher than her brother Phil managed with the football team.

Other than the fact that they are brother and sister what else do they have in common? Answer: they are both failures who perpetuate this trait by also failing to understand why.

Phil was described by his own players as an “average coach”. If that is the case why is he in charge of an international team who have designs on actually winning the World Cup at some stage.

Bear in mind that Phil was at Valencia as a coach when his brother Gary was given the manager’s job by his mate, Peter Lim. Why wasn’t Phil, who was already there, offered the job? Maybe he was and maybe he turned it down, who knows? Anyway, as we all know, Gary was an abject failure in the role and has now returned to Sky proving the old saying that “those who can DO and those who can’t TEACH.

So again, why wasn’t Phil offered the job after Gary left? Again, we don’t know the answer but to then be given the job of managing the English international team having had no managerial experience other than watching David Moyes at Everton and, for a very brief period, Manchester United, then watching his brother fail in Spain, goes a long way to explaining why English international teams never win anything, in fact they never even reach the final of anything.

By the way, Phil and Tracey Neville have never been seen in the same room and, apparently, Phil has a blonde wig.


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