Arsenal’s Magic Wallet And Manchester United’s Manager-On-A-String

Posted: July 13, 2019 in Arsenal, Chelsea, Football, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur
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So, if the honest and upright British press, (and Sky Sports News), are to be believed then Arsenal have a transfer kitty of around £45 million.

This should be enough to buy them the player they are crying out for which is a central defender, particularly now that Laurent Koscielny has decided that there is more room in his pram without the toys.

However, having obviously appointed Diane Abbott to their accounting team, their kitty will now spread much further in a way reminiscent of the feeding of the five thousand.

They have already spent £6 million on 18 year-old winger Gabriel Martinelli who, although Brazilian, is unlikely to represent the first team next season. This leaves them £39 million.

Of the remaining cash, they are close to a deal for William Saliba from St. Etienne, who will cost around £25 million. He is another 18 year-old but at least he plays in a position where Arsenal need new blood. The problem is they are about to agree to loan him back to St. Etienne for next season.

So that’s £31 million spent out of their £45 million and they still don’t have a player for next season. But wait a minute! What about Wilfried Zaha? You may well ask. If Arsenal can get him for £14 million then he will definitely join and he will be able to watch the pigs flying past the dressing room windows as he changes.

Not to worry, with Diane in charge of the finances she has worked out that having spent £31 million of £45 million, they still have £40 million left. They have, therefore, offered this to Crystal Palace in the hope that Roy Hodgson will be magnanimous in his dealings and let a player he values at £80 million leave for half price. Palace have reacted to this derisory offer by increasing their valuation of Zaha to £100 million. Well done Arsenal, yet again! How to make friends and influence people the Emirates way.

Meanwhile, in other news…..


The accused” Paul Pogba and his “defence lawyer” Ole Gunnar Solskjaer are both arguing against the general public opinion. Why, when they are both obviously wrong, would they do this?

According to Manchester United’s new-ish manager, Paul Pogba is a great guy and has done nothing wrong, a view echoed, unsurprisingly, by Pogba’s agent Mino Raiola.

If, by this statement, he means that the Frenchman hasn’t robbed any banks lately or otherwise broken the law, then he is correct, as far as we know.

What Pogba has done, however, is to disrespect Manchester United by stating that he wants to leave. He also employs, as his agent, Mino Raiola, which is also wrong as he spends far too much time disrespecting everybody rather than just doing his job. Raiola, once again, stands to make millions should United sell Pogba so the most respectful thing the Frenchman could do would be to sack his agent and then leave the club.

All of Raiola’s clients should then be blacklisted by every club in Europe so that he can only carry out business well away from these shores.

The way Ole Gunnar Solskjær is currently towing the party line at Old Trafford makes us think that he may not be there too long. To state that the noisiest supporters aren’t the best is wrong on two counts.

Firstly, at Old Trafford itself, the noisiest supporters are the ones who create all the atmosphere and are the “twelfth man” clubs often compliment after a win.

Secondly, The ones making the noise at present are the ones who are still fed up that the club doesn’t appear to be signing many players. The club also doesn’t appear to be selling many players. Ed Woodward still controls transfers despite failing every season since he took over and, finally, the Glazers still own the club. Other than these small details everything in the garden is rosy!

Solksjær should be thankful that, at this moment in time, United still have enough support to make a noise even if the club, as always, don’t want to listen and would rather it be swept under the carpet. They have reacted in their usual “head-in-the-sand” fashion and cancelled Paddy Crerand’s phone-in show on MUTV so that people can’t ring in and complain about the owners! How petty can they be?

Anyway, this season there probably won’t be too many who want Solskjær out as everybody seems to be concentrating on removing the owners, which is a good sign.

  1. RedMe says:

    Players that have Raiola for agent are not better than him, all they want is always more money. Why don’t they have penalties for players disrespecting the club that pay the massive salary. The more they are paid the more despicable they are. If saying in an interview that you would rather play your football in another club is ok for Solskjaer then he is not the right man for the club.


  2. Bernard says:

    Solskjaer is correct in one thing,”Pogba has done nothing…”


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