The Return Of The Magnificent (Number) Seven

Posted: September 14, 2021 in Arsenal, Chelsea, Football, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur
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He’s back. Picking up where he left off all those years ago before he succumbed to the lure of Real Madrid. By moving to the Spanish capital Cristiano Ronaldo really achieved two things. He played for the club of his dreams and he won the Champion’s League four times.

So why did he then leave and go to Juventus? Certainly not money, probably not ambition to win more trophies because that is still more likely at Madrid. Did he fall out with Florentino Pérez, the Madrid president? That is likely but also unlikely to be the sole reason to leave.

In truth it was probably a culmination of things eventually leading to him deciding that Spain, not just Madrid, was no longer the place for him.

There WAS a disagreement with Pérez, reportedly over money, after the president refused him a pay rise following his last involvement in winning the Champion’s League. This was exacerbated by reports of Madrid looking to sign Neymar who would probably have been paid more than Ronaldo.

There was also the tax trial he endured which resulted in him paying fines totalling around €19 million.

But the major reason he left seems to be a typical Ronaldo reason. He didn’t get the feeling that the club saw him as indispensable. In other words, he was no longer loved enough. Add this to the fact that Real Madrid supporters are very fickle and will turn on one of their players for the slightest of reasons and Ronaldo decided a move would be best. Not for all concerned but certainly for him and, no matter how much he denies it, the most important person in Cristiano Ronaldo’s life is Cristiano Ronaldo.

Juventus promised to build a team around him that was capable of winning the Champion’s League and that appealed to his sense of importance. It was another challenge and another country where he could prove to the world that the league he played in didn’t matter because he was the greatest. He was better than Lionel Messi simply because the Argentinian had spent his entire career to date at one of the best clubs in Spain and the world whereas he, Ronaldo, had conquered the English Premier League, La Liga and was now about to do the same with Serie A.

In fairness, he did conquer Serie A but Juventus, mainly due to Covid 19, fell woefully short on the promises they had made and eventually couldn’t afford to keep him.

So having realised his dream of playing for Real Madrid what did he do? He returned to the club he loves. He returned to wind, rain and the occasional snowstorm. He returned to a fanbase who never stopped adoring him, even when he left for Madrid, and Ronaldo has never forgotten that.

More to the point he returned, in his own words, “to help the club win trophies”.

His return has certainly taken the spotlight off the manager’s obvious failings and the owner’s disregard for fans and club alike. He has united United supporters, 99% of whom appear to be glad he’s back, even at 36 years of age.

He has overshadowed totally the signings of Sancho and Varane but it is highly doubtful either of them will care very much about that and he has retrieved his number 7 shirt from it’s caretaker, Edinson Cavani, who will now wear number 21 as he does for Uruguay.

All he needs to overshadow now is the rest of the Premier League teams and, in particular, those vying for the title, and the rest of the Champion’s League teams.

The truth of the matter is that nobody would be too surprised if he managed both!


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