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That is the question! And it is difficult to come up with an answer. Now, had the question been, ‘why did some love Solskjær as a player’? then that’s an easy one. He played for Manchester United and, although the majority of his time there was spent on the bench, he did manage to cement his place in the Old Trafford history books.


He’s back. Picking up where he left off all those years ago before he succumbed to the lure of Real Madrid. By moving to the Spanish capital Cristiano Ronaldo really achieved two things. He played for the club of his dreams and he won the Champion’s League four times.

So why did he then leave and go to Juventus? Certainly not money, probably not ambition to win more trophies because that is still more likely at Madrid. Did he fall out with Florentino Pérez, the Madrid president? That is likely but also unlikely to be the sole reason to leave.


Ole’s at the wheel, although the ‘L’ plates are still firmly attached and if any of the backroom staff are his instructor then it is unlikely he will pass the test.

An average ex-player who became a below average manager, Mike Phelan would have to be regarded as the senior figure on the team although quite what he brings to the table given his lack of expertise in anything of relevance is beyond this meagre publication.

He is aided and abetted in his aiding and abetting of the manager by Michael Carrick. Another ex-player but, in his case, a very good one. That’s really where the good news ends. With absolutely no experience of coaching at any level, he was given a job coaching at United, despite the fact that Nicky Butt was already at the club and already had a few years coaching experience.


The number 7 shirt at Manchester United has been worn by some great players. So what? Exactly the same can be said about almost every number throughout the team particularly back in the sensible days when the team wore the numbers 1 to 11.

The number 10 shirt has been worn by David Herd, Denis Law, George Best, David Beckham and Wayne Rooney, to name but 5. The number 8 shirt has been worn by Denis Law, George Best, Wayne Rooney and now by Juan Mata.


So Manchester United have paid the agent of Edinson Cavani €10 million to get the deal done. Granted there was no transfer fee as he was a free agent but the fact remains that if they had added that €10 million to their original offer for Jadon Sancho then he would now be a United player. So what was the thought process of Ed Woodward when making this deal?

The answer is pretty simple in that there wasn’t one. This was another panic signing to try and make it look as though the club had achieved something during this transfer window.



So Wednesday night sees the first Champion’s League football for Manchester City and United. City at home to Lyon and United away in Switzerland playing Young Boys.

With their usual consideration for supporters UEFA have scheduled these games to kick off at the same time meaning anybody wanting to watch both, can’t.

This is a variation on the previous night’s games which saw Inter Milan and Tottenham Hotspur kick off at 7:00pm whilst Liverpool and PSG started at 9:00pm. No doubt there will have been football fans around Europe who wanted to see both matches and this timing will have made that possible. (more…)


Nothing is happening. It’s as if somebody has pressed the global pause button. The World Cup has ground to a halt, even if only for two days. The transfer window is in danger of becoming even more boring than that game between France and Denmark.

What is going on and where is the news?

It got so bad that poor old Jim White on Sky Sports News had to resort to reporting the “incredible” news that a man had seen a bear in the woods in Montana and a shark had been spotted in the sea off the Australian coast! Truly incredible stuff!

Not to worry, avid readers, if there is any football-related news we will find it. Even if we have to actually read some other rags to do so. As far as the World Cup goes, this is what we think we know. (more…)

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(“It’s goodbye from me and it’s goodbye from him”)

It seemed as though the World Cup exploded into life. The tournament, which is destined to be remembered as “the-dodgy-Russian-one-before-the dodgy-Qatar-one”, had thrown up some decent games during the group stage but the real excitement could only really be felt once the knock-out stage arrived.

The first two matches had the potential to be enthralling or boring because they featured South American teams against European teams. Argentina versus France, given their showings in the previous stage of the competition, was a meeting we hoped would provide entertainment rather than expected it to.

In the end it was a cracking game which had virtually everything. (more…)


Firstly, from this transfer window, I am pretty certain that most United fans would like them to buy a striker. Edinson Cavani seems to have gone off the map so the best bet at present looks like being Romelu Lukaku. Having scored 14 goals in 16 games, he could be just what the Reds need to mount a serious challenge.

With Phil Jones once again injured, a decent centre back could well be in order. Last window all the talk was of Mats Hummels and now that has gone very quiet. I am not sure why as the first half of the season has only reinforced the need for a new centre back. Also required is cover in the full back positions but, I feel reasonably sure, that the majority of United fans would be happy with one or two signings.

Lastly, they need to win more consistently and maybe a couple of new faces would help them to do that.

Now, what do they need from the others?

Well, they need Arsenal to be a little more inconsistent. The Gunners have done very well over the first half of the season and have only had a couple of blips, surprising everbody in the process, especially Arsene Wenger. United need them to have more blips. (more…)


It always seems to me, nowadays anyway, that Manchester United are never far away from having a team to challenge for trophies.

Never mind who is manager, as long as it is somebody with experience of a big club, who knows what he is doing, the manager shouldn’t be the deciding factor on whether or not the club wins trophies, the players should.

When you consider the players they have and the money they have spent the only surprise is that it is taking so long to get things right on the pitch.

Louis van Gaal and the United fans don’t need me to tell them that more goals are required but at least the signs were promising against Swansea, when Martial and Rooney both scored.

I am still not a lover of playing too many people out of position and think that the great teams of the past, not just at United, have usually had specialists in each position.

It does appear though, that United are looking at strikers, centre backs and full backs during this transfer window. That is not to say they will buy all three, but at least they seem to be looking which is an acknowledgement that they know where they can improve. (more…)