Watching Manchester United currently is like a breath of fresh air compared with the dark days of Ole Gunnar Solskjær and the one-hand-tied-behind-his-back management of Ralf Ragnick.

Whilst Eric ten Hag has brought in a couple of experienced midfielders, a young left back and a centre back in the same mould as Roy Keane the major changes he has made have been those of discipline and mentality.

It would appear that the days of Marcus Rashford, (and others), calling his manager by his first name, as he did with Solskjær, are over. I don’t hear any of the players referring to their boss as ‘Eric’. I don’t hear of major bust-ups at the club and there is a penalty to be paid if rules are not followed.

These changes in personnel and attitude have resulted in United currently sitting fourth in the Premier League and looking forward to a Carabao Cup semi-final. They are still in the FA Cup and the Europa League which means that, after only six months, Eric ten Hag is the manager of the ONLY English club still competing in four competitions!

Not too shabby and he has certainly quietened the doubters for the time being.

There has been a price to pay as well in the termination of Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract following his ill-advised, if truthful, interview with the slimy Piers Morgan. Unfortunately the price has been paid by United rather than by the Portuguese who has gone on to sign a big money deal with Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia.

Ten Hag is now short of a world class striker and, although Rashford has stepped up recently, it’s pretty obvious that a target man is needed, as much as an alternative than anything else.

United’s play currently involves a lot of passing. Most of the time this tactic, especially in and around the opposing penalty area, results in the ball being lost or given away. It has also seen players such as Martial, Rashford and Garnacho take shots from ridiculous angles because, (they will say), there has been nobody to pass to. This isn’t strictly true and is often a result of their own greed.

This doesn’t alter the fact that, in general, United could be accused of overkill with their passing game. They don’t often cross the ball into the area other than from the occasional corner and this is because there is rarely, if ever, anybody tall enough to win an aerial duel. The headed goals the team has scored this season have been from pinpoint crosses to players badly marked or not marked at all.

Enter Wout Weghorst who, at 1.97m tall, (6 feet 6 inches), will be sure to win more duels than he loses and gives ten Hag another option up front.

A loan deal until the end of the season is perfect especially as it is widely believed that United have a striker in mind to buy in the Summer.

Weghorst isn’t just a big target man though. He is one of the best pressers in the game and won’t let teams play the ball out easily and, apart from during his time at Burnley, he has a decent goals to game ratio.

He may be ideal for ten Hag as he ticks all the boxes the manager likes except for maybe his age but, even at 30, he still has a lot to offer.

This is the kind of signing that Ragnick or Solskjær, (apart from by his know-nothing fan club), would have been crucified for but, in only six months, ten Hag has done more than both to improve things at the club and has, therefore, built up quite an amount of credit with the fans.

Obviously it remains to be seen whether or not this move proves to be a success but, in a worst case scenario, it hasn’t cost a fortune and is worth a try. It’s definitely a better deal than a certain London club managed to negotiate for their loanee who was sent off on his debut!

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