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Major League Soccer is fast becoming a top incubator for talent all over the globe and the vast array of gifted players making the trip over the Atlantic to reignite their careers is increasing every season.

Since its formation in 1996, the MLS has made itself more of an attractive destination with every passing year and much of this is down to expansion, with new teams being elected from the minor league, rather than promoted.

The arrival of designated players on boosted wages (of which the likes of David Beckham and Wayne Rooney have been beneficiaries) has also made the States a desirable destination for Premier League masters. (more…)


Rising at 4.00am to watch the first game of Manchester United’s latest jaunt to the States was the easy part. Coming to terms with the depressingly familiar team selection was the hard part.

Players who should be long gone were in the starting line up. Hopefully this was a temporary measure and they were only there to advertise themselves to other watching coaches or to protect, as far as is possible, the better players still to appear.

Jones and Smalling began the game and, barring injuries and suspension, they will not be the first choice partnership when the serious stuff begins. Jones is worth a place in the squad, Smalling isn’t. (more…)


The MLS season is over for Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard. Their respective clubs, New York City and LA Galaxy failed to make the play-offs meaning an early holiday could be enjoyed by our intrepid adventurers.

So, what do they both do? Hightail it back to England to appear on Sky TV and BT Sport, that’s what they do.

Full of remorse for not being able to stay in the US of A for longer, but there was no need of course, their season was over.

What drivel! If, as they say, they are not doing the Columbus run for the money, then why are they doing it? Why do they need to appear more on British television now than they did when they were playing? Why do millionaires always want more?

Firstly, they could both have stayed in England. They would have made less money but, judging by how quickly they both scuttled back home, they would have been happier. (more…)


Soccer really took off in America in 1989 when Paul Caligiuri scored what became known as the ‘billion dollar goal’ to beat  Trinidad 1-0 and qualify for the 1990 World Cup. There is a particularly good article in the Guardian, which can be found here.

In fact, the game has been around in America since about 1884. This may come as a surprise to some, but it shouldn’t do. When you think of the ethnicity of the USA, the only real surprise should be that it has taken this long to gain in popularity. (more…)