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To Head Or Not To Head?

Posted: November 19, 2015 in Football, Opinion, USA
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Long before I was ten I was playing football. I played in the street. I played in the school playground. I played on any grass we could find. I played for the junior school team on pitches. Sometimes the pitches were grass. Sometimes the pitches were shale. Most of the time the pitches were mud. Thick mud which stuck to your boots and took ages to clean off. Then, in winter, the mud froze. We still played, even though it was now like playing on concrete. We didn’t wear gloves or tights even though it was freezing cold weather.

We didn’t get tired. Well, maybe a little after a six hour game in the street with no half time.

Then there was the ball. Ah, that wonderful ball with it’s wonderful memories. Affectionately known as a “casey” due to it being a thick orange rubber balloon inside a stitched leather “case”, which after inflation, was sealed by way of laces tied together. (more…)