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In our last article we compared the records of the top six strikers expected to get the goals in the Premier League and today it’s the turn of the players at the other end of the pitch. The ones who are expected, (in some cases it is hope rather than expectation), to save the club from dropping points and occasionally winning them some.

It has been said that a good goalkeeper can be worth up to 15 points per season. This is allowing for the fact that he may be the saviour of the team in many close games where 1-0 or 2-1 for example, remains the score at the end thanks to the keeper, or a draw remains a draw purely because of saves he has made. (more…)


Without playing particularly well, (by their own standards anyway), Barcelona were able to win this game as though they had played particularly well.

Arsenal had chances and should have certainly scored at least one goal. They didn’t and, against a side as good as Barcelona, that will always be a problem. As Aaron Ramsey pointed out the Spanish side average a goal per game so somebody WAS going to score for them.

When the goals came they came from Lionel Messi. No surprise there you may think but, before tonight, he had NEVER scored against Petr Cech.

His first was laid on a plate for him by Neymar, who unselfishly squared the ball back for him to take a touch, which beat Cech all ends up, then place the ball in the net.

His second came from the penalty spot after he had been fouled by Mathieu Flamini, who was making his first tackle having just come on as a substitute for Coquelin.


To Head Or Not To Head?

Posted: November 19, 2015 in Football, Opinion, USA
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Long before I was ten I was playing football. I played in the street. I played in the school playground. I played on any grass we could find. I played for the junior school team on pitches. Sometimes the pitches were grass. Sometimes the pitches were shale. Most of the time the pitches were mud. Thick mud which stuck to your boots and took ages to clean off. Then, in winter, the mud froze. We still played, even though it was now like playing on concrete. We didn’t wear gloves or tights even though it was freezing cold weather.

We didn’t get tired. Well, maybe a little after a six hour game in the street with no half time.

Then there was the ball. Ah, that wonderful ball with it’s wonderful memories. Affectionately known as a “casey” due to it being a thick orange rubber balloon inside a stitched leather “case”, which after inflation, was sealed by way of laces tied together. (more…)