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The Nation’s League appears to have been afforded a reasonable reception by the football-hungry populace of Britain. Don’t get us wrong, given the choice between Premier League and this international excuse for a competition, 99.9% would plump for the Premier League although, taking into consideration the standard of the domestic leagues in Scotland, Wales and Ireland, it is difficult to assume that the same could be said in those countries.

In fairness, Wales had a decent start in beating the Republic of Ireland but then came undone when they met Denmark, a proper team.

However, a small and remote European footballing outpost did manage a win when Scotland beat Albania 2-0. (more…)


So what did we learn about England’s World Cup chances from their win against The Netherlands? Not a lot that we haven’t known for the last fifty years or so, that’s what!

The fact that Gareth Southgate’s men managed to scrape a 0-1 win at the home of a team who couldn’t even qualify for this year’s tournament says more about the Dutch than it does about England.

Holland is a team in transition. Having reached the semi-final of the last World Cup and the final of the one prior to that, their fall from grace has been quite spectacular.

Now, with new manager Ronald Koeman in charge, the onus is on youth and the need to provide experience to some of the lesser known players so they can become the greats of the future. (more…)


Unless England get another chance to play every game at Wembley, which nowadays certainly wouldn’t guarantee them anything, they will be nowhere near winning another World Cup.

Considering that they haven’t come close to winning anything in all that time, this is a very sad indictment of the nation who like to keep reminding the world that they invented football. (more…)