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The Nation’s League appears to have been afforded a reasonable reception by the football-hungry populace of Britain. Don’t get us wrong, given the choice between Premier League and this international excuse for a competition, 99.9% would plump for the Premier League although, taking into consideration the standard of the domestic leagues in Scotland, Wales and Ireland, it is difficult to assume that the same could be said in those countries.

In fairness, Wales had a decent start in beating the Republic of Ireland but then came undone when they met Denmark, a proper team.

However, a small and remote European footballing outpost did manage a win when Scotland beat Albania 2-0. (more…)


Tomorrow night sees the return to Champion’s League action of Manchester United and Chelsea. What is required and how will they approach their games?

Basel 1849 v Manchester United 680

This is a game from which Manchester United only require one point, that would be enough to guarantee qualification to the knockout stages.

It is, however, a dangerous game playing for a draw and Mourinho is well known for setting up his teams, particularly in European away games, not to lose. (more…)



(Mr Roy in pensive mood having just been told there is no game this week, it’s next week!)


The prayer of the Premier league manager just before every meaningless international break. The questions spinning in his head such as, “should I say he is injured?” How about, “he’s been kidnapped by men dressed in black and wearing balaclavas.” What about, “he has had to go and see his sick mother in Matabele Land.” Will I get away with any of these or have they all been tried before?

Will Mr Roy fall for the old, “he’s just twisted his ankle and will have to pull out, sorry and all that, maybe next time,” or will he insist on the player being seen by the England doctor?

Can I really risk an injury to a star player which may cost us points, which may cost us the league title, which may cost me my job? (more…)