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For the first time in a long time, if not for the first time at all, I feel the need to add a little background to this article.

I have just watched Manchester United’s Europa League game against Fenerbahće in an Irish bar in Granada, Spain.

I mention this purely as an excuse for any inaccuracies you may spot while reading said article. It was, in fact, a very noisy music night where a quartet of Spanish musicians played Irish tunes, virtually non-stop, for the entire evening. There were only two of us in the entire bar interested in what was happening at Old Trafford! (more…)

Online Articles And Comments

Posted: August 12, 2015 in Opinion
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imageI have to admit that I enjoy reading the comments posted by people on articles online. From intellectual comments on the Guardian Crossword to total abuse on football fan sites, it is all fascinating stuff.

Also fascinating are the rules on individual sites. There are sites who don’t like you linking to anything third party. This is sometimes reasonable. If they have advertisers paying to be shown on their site and you are pushing smoke free, tobacco free, nicotine free cigarettes by linking at the end of a comment, then expect them to be annoyed. Again, they will delete your links without actually stopping you from commenting, hardly a punishment if you are just a serial commenter. (more…)