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Posted: July 21, 2015 in TV Sports Coverage
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As we all know, Sky Sports is the walking talking version of the Sun newspaper, (or the Daily Star if you prefer), sports pages. However, as the scope for a TV company is much more expansive, then so is the prospect of stupidity, not so much creeping in, as busting the doors down and charging in.

Generally speaking Sky Sports News is reasonably good at what it does, which is to present the same news, rubbish or otherwise, every fifteen minutes or so. What it isn’t so good at, maybe understandably, is presenting it in an interesting or intelligent manner.

When an “exclusive” is revealed the first thing that happens is that footage of the person/team/whatever is shown followed by an interview usually with the subject. When this is complete a male Sky presenter will repeat half of what you have just heard, then a female presenter will repeat the other half of what you have just heard as though you are a ten year old who has stayed awake to watch something then fell asleep just as it started and need your parents to tell you what happened.

Where Sky really do need to improve, however, is with their choice of interviewers before or after big games, whether that be football or many other sports. Stupid comments and stupid questions are commonplace when listening to an interview. You only have to think back, (if you are old enough), to the likes of Kenny Dalglish and Gordon Strachan. Generally, when interviewed they would answer the question asked. Unfortunately it was rarely the answer Sky wanted. At least they would point out the stupidity of the questions when asked, for example, “what do your team need to do to win this game”? would usually be answered with, “score more goals than the opposition”. The Sky interviewer had been waiting for a long tactical answer but never got one from these two, and quite rightly so.

If Sky were to take a leaf out of the BBC’s book, they would use their ex professional footballers to ask the questions and at least the right questions should be asked. Instead, good old Sky have Chief Football Reporter Nick Collins who always looks as though someone cross-eyed has dressed him, asking the most stupid questions imaginable, such as, “are you happy your team won today”? or “after six defeats what do you think this win will do for your players confidence”?

I understand that, when you are faced with a sports professional, particularly one whose sport you know nothing about, it can be difficult asking deep, meaningful questions. If that is the case, please get somebody who has played the sport and, if possible, has a brain, to ask the questions. Otherwise, having seen the outcome on numerous occasions, you will end up looking totally ridiculous.


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