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Not long to wait now, it’s almost here. The new Premier League season kicks off on August 10th when Manchester United play Leicester City in the first Friday night football of the new term.

It was tried out last year and deemed, by Sky of course, to be a success. Never one to take into consideration the difficulties caused to the travelling fans by rescheduling games so that supporters now have to either leave work early or take time off to get to the ground, the broadcaster has proven yet again that the only interest it has in football whatsoever is purely financial. (more…)



Mountains and molehills, sow’s ears and silk purses. A couple of adages the meaning of which Sky Sports is desperately trying to demonstrate. They are doing their level best to make mountains out of ever-decreasing molehills and they have several sow’s ears out of which, as yet, they have been unable to produce anything even remotely resembling a silk purse.

The prevailing problem at the Sky Sports Transfer Centre is that there have been no real transfers of any note and it doesn’t appear there will be any in the foreseeable future. (more…)


In an attempt to get viewers in the mood for what was to come, Sky Sports decided to dedicate not one, but three whole days to events leading up to the closing of the transfer window.

Beginning on Monday, the 29th of August, all Sky Sports programs were entitled Transfer Centre for two days and then became Deadline Day on the Wednesday. This was quite strange when they waffled on about Tennis or Formula One but, because it was Sky, nobody really questioned it. Changing the perfectly normal to the totally idiotic is something Sky have become experts at over the years. Strangely, they still think that people are too stupid to notice, a despicable attitude which has always prevailed at Sky HQ. (more…)


Let me start by saying that Sky TV’s coverage of sport is second to none. The effort and imagination, (not to mention the money), put into any given sport is commendable.

As soon as they won the contract to show Formula One racing, what happened? Sky F1 suddenly appeared. They were never going to be accused of taking it lightly and, as with most sports they cover, they have taken it to a different level.

They were the first, as far as I remember, to get ex-players involved in presenting and commentating. In the past, Match of the Day for example, would have footballing guests to talk about the game, but that was the extent of their involvement. Now they are present hours before the game and quite a while afterwards as evidenced by Soccer Saturday. They have ex-footballers at the matches to bring us up to date with the game and they seem to have cameras at every game. (more…)


As we all know, Sky Sports is the walking talking version of the Sun newspaper, (or the Daily Star if you prefer), sports pages. However, as the scope for a TV company is much more expansive, then so is the prospect of stupidity, not so much creeping in, as busting the doors down and charging in.

Generally speaking Sky Sports News is reasonably good at what it does, which is to present the same news, rubbish or otherwise, every fifteen minutes or so. What it isn’t so good at, maybe understandably, is presenting it in an interesting or intelligent manner. (more…)