(Louis hides behind his folder and hopes nobody will see him)

Louis van Gaal has stated that facts prove the team this year is better than the team last year.

I won’t go down the road of disputing facts, there can only be one winner there. Whether or not they prove that the team is better than last year is debatable, circumstances have certainly been different.

Yes they went further in the Capital One Cup than they did but I would hardly call defeat AT HOME, to a Championship team, an improvement, not when nearly £300 million has been spent. Maybe an improvement having spent that amount of money would be winning it!

As they weren’t in the Champions League last year then yes, that has been an improvement, obviously. So lets compare with the year before that. David Moyes took United to the quarter finals having spent about £28 million.

He qualified from a group containing Bayer Leverkusen, Shakhtar Donetsk and Real Sociedad. United won four games and drew two. This, in my opinion, was a similar quality group to the one from which van Gaal has just failed to qualify. They then beat Olympiacos in the first knockout stage before losing to Bayern Munich. So with United in Europe, van Gaal is not even as good as David Moyes, who had previously been involved with the Champions League ONCE!

By the end of August of this year, when van Gaal had been in charge of fifty games, he had the same amount of wins as Moyes, twenty seven.

So, if he wants to be factual, United are better placed in the Premier League than last year. He conveniently forgets that they probably wouldn’t be if Chelsea weren’t having such a disastrous season and, if Liverpool and Tottenham continue their improvements, they might not be by the end of the season.

Since arriving at Old Trafford, van Gaal has dispensed with the services of a number of players. Those include; Rafael, Evans, Welbeck, Hernandez, Nani, van Persie, Buttner, Cleverley, Lindegaard and Fletcher. He has loaned out Adnan Januzaj and James Wilson. From these players I think I could pick a team which would beat the current one.

This doesn’t mean he was wrong to have a clear out and make room for new players. It means that, in general, the players he has brought in are no better than the players who have departed.

In a previous post I suggested that van Gaal was looking to win a trophy in the short term as he probably isn’t going to be there very long. I still think this is the case but I am not sure he is going about it the right way.

The only player with any real experience brought in has been Bastian Schweinsteiger.

If van Gaal is looking for a Premier League trophy or even a Champions League trophy, then he needs leaders. He needs players with experience of winning these competitions. Schweinsteiger is a good player but he wasn’t good enough for Bayern Munich any longer.

United are rumoured to be trying to bring Ronaldo back. Whilst I agree that he would be a good short term signing, they will only get him if and when Real Madrid no longer want him.

So United need to stop thinking about players no longer wanted by the other big clubs and start being leaders again. United should have a team full of players who are coveted by the others, not full of players who can’t even qualify from a very average Champions League group.

The simple question when trying to decide how good this United team is, is this; how many of United’s players would be first choice at Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich or PSG? Being even more realistic, how many of them would get into the team at Chelsea or Manchester City?

The way it is going we will soon be able to include Leicester City in these lists.

  1. Matt silliman says:

    Good article, and I agree with your opinion.

    We have signed lots of potential and promoted further potential. But in an era of win now, we aren’t buying the right players. Wether they are available or want to come is up for debate, but look at some of the talent that we missed out on that would give us more flare and end product.

    Julian Draxler
    Antonio Griezman
    Kevin De Bruyne
    Douglas Costa
    Arturo Vidal
    Nicolas Otamendi
    Paulo Dybala

    That’s all I can come up with out of my mind, but I remember seeing more players that were available that we should have attempted to sign. Personally I was shocked when we didn’t break the bank for Griezman, I had watched him play a lot before he left Real Sociadad.


  2. Thanks Matt. You’re right, although the fans initially were reasonably happy with most of the signings it was mainly relief because of the ones on your list that they failed to sign. It got to the stage where any signing was better than no signing.


  3. desville4 says:

    My verdict on van gal’s buy and the existing players: the midfielders lack speed eg mata, Bastian, carrick and harrerer and felli. Rooney shud be rested for a while and when he comes back he should be given a free role, martial, Memphis and lingard shud lead the attack. Parrera should come in place of mata, we need speed and skills in dat midfield. Mata was not good enough for Chelsea and that was why José sold him. Currently none of the big teams are doing well….in the days of sir alex, this is usually his best time of the season. Van and his players are breaking my heart on daily basis, pls can some one help me wit a new heart?

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