What Is Manchester United’s Problem With Jose Mourinho?

Posted: February 7, 2016 in Chelsea, Football, Jose Mourinho, Managers, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League
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With the exception of the last couple of games, Manchester United fans could be forgiven for wondering why the pursuit of Jose Mourinho for next manager has not gathered pace.

Any accusations directed at Mourinho’s teams for being boring have usually been tempered by the amount of trophies he has brought to the clubs in question. The likes of David Moyes in the past and Louis van Gaal presently have not, as yet, delivered any pots to go with their particular brand of “boring”, not at United anyway.

So, if it isn’t a boring playing style, what is the problem in hiring Mourinho? Is it because he has a fractious personality? A little like van Gaal? Is it because he falls out with fellow managers occasionally? A little like van Gaal? Maybe he falls out with players from time to time? A little like van Gaal? Mourinho has even been known to fall out with his staff! I would bet that van Gaal has also managed to do so.

It is getting to the stage at Old Trafford where I can’t actually see what the detractors have against Mourinho that couldn’t be levelled in equal measure against van Gaal!

The other excuse for ignoring Jose is that “he doesn’t project the correct image”. What does that even mean?

Having watched all of the games during the Moyes and van Gaal reigns I would be lying if I said I thought that the correct image HAD been projected. Moyes turned United into a crossing team and, in one game against Fulham, managed to break the record for the number of crosses put in by a United team in one game, maybe even two!

Louis van Gaal had the team passing sideways and backwards so many times that the fans eventually became dizzy or fell asleep! The team did not perform any better with these tactics as they eventually ran out of pitch or just gave the ball away.

So, assuming that Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United would be almost as boring as the Moyes version or the early van Gaal version, is that such a big sacrifice when considering that he would probably deliver a Premier League title or two?

The other point which people seem to forget is that Mourinho is not a stupid person. Unlike van Gaal he doesn’t make a habit of telling people how intelligent he is, he prefers to just get on with the job. In doing this, and by winning a trophy relatively early on in his United career, he will buy himself some time to improve the way United play.

He is aware, I am sure, that nearly 76,000 people watching his team at every home match will have an influence on his future at the club. He will be one of the first people to realise that playing attractive, attacking football whenever possible will only extend his Manchester United tenure. I am still amazed that people would even think that he is incapable of producing teams which play exciting football. There were some big wins during his Chelsea days!

The fact that Pep Guardiola has taken the job at Manchester City may even have made the United job more attractive for Mourinho. It shouldn’t have, but he is a very competitive person and renewing battles with the Spaniard would be very tempting.

So, as per usual, we will just have to wait and see. As with anything involving Ed Woodward the process is likely to drag on almost interminably. He will have to canvass opinion AGAIN, when he will find out that there are less objections to Mourinho’s appointment now than there have ever been. He will have to convince himself, AGAIN, that van Gaal isn’t the man for the job, as has been the case for the last few months.

Eventually, he will reach an agreement for the Dutchman to leave at the end of the season, which will be a mutual parting of the ways rather than a resignation or a sacking.

However it pans out, it needs to happen before the start of next season. Having underachieved in the last two seasons and now, with the same happening in this one, something has to give. The majority of United fans hope that it is United “giving” van Gaal’s job to Jose Mourinho.

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