Same Old Arsenal Under Wenger, Different Manchester United Under Van Gaal

Posted: February 28, 2016 in Arsenal, Football, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League
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Well that was a nice surprise! Arsenal were favourites to win at Old Trafford for the first time in ages and never looked as though they would actually manage it throughout the game.

After the game Graeme Souness, Thierry Henry and David Platt all questioned the commitment and desire of the Arsenal eleven. Arsene Wenger saw nothing wrong with the commitment and desire of the Arsenal eleven, and THAT is the problem!

Wenger thought United had kept breaking up the game with petty fouls although, given that all the experience was with his team you would think that they could have coped. United won this game with an overall possession of 39%.

Arsenal, yet again, proved susceptible to the counter-attack, which was how United had to play due to injury and no adequate replacements ever being bought. In Marcus Rashford though, they seem to have inadvertently found a star for now, never mind the future. His two goals were taken very well and now bring his tally to four in two games.

Questions were asked beforehand as to whether he would be able to step up his game against better opposition than Midtyjlland and those questions won’t be answered until he plays against better opposition than Midtyjlland.

Manchester United, by winning this game, reduced the deficit to Manchester City by three points but City do have a game in hand. Arsenal, on the other hand, lost ground on Leicester City, who won yesterday and Tottenham Hotspur, who won today.

They are in danger of throwing away their title chances in the second half of the season rather than the first which, at least, is the opposite way to how they normally do it.

In this game, despite having a full strength team on the pitch, they never really looked in control and, consequently, never really looked like winning the game. After Marcus Rashford’s two goals they pulled one back through Welbeck. Then, instead of capitalising and going on to take charge they allowed United to break and score again with a deflected goal from Herrera. They then pulled another one back when Ozil mis-hit a shot into the net but again, there was never the impression that they would go on to win the game and United always looked as though they could score another.

What would trouble me if I were an Arsenal supporter is the tacit resistance of Arsene Wenger to actually admit that there is anything wrong. Even after a game they were strong favourites to win and threw away, he didn’t find much to criticise. It may be that he does all his criticising in the changing room but he should let the fans know what he thinks occasionally as well.

What troubles me about being a Manchester United supporter is that people’s opinion of van Gaal may change. He has played “the kids” because injuries have forced him to, not because he has particularly wanted to. It has worked out well for him, purely through good luck, rather than good judgement.

If he is to stay until the end of the season then so be it, but no longer. The arrogance and complacency he has shown whilst still having two years left on his contract will only get worse as the contract reduces to a year.

In an ideal world both Manchester United and Arsenal would replace their respective managers at the end of this season and, in doing so, relieve the misery of thousands of long-suffering supporters of the two clubs.

  1. RedMe says:

    Careful, Arsenal maybe win the league with a new manager. LVG has recovered his natural arrogance in post match interview, lets hope he goes soon rather than later. But the win over Arsenal was good and the game enjoyable to watch.


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