Mourinho To Replace Van Gaal, (Eventually)?

Posted: April 18, 2016 in Football, Managers, Manchester United, Opinion
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So, the big question is: Is Jose Mourinho taking over from van Gaal at United or not?

The answer to this question should be very simple. Even the most anti-Mourinho supporters are now in the “anyone but van Gaal” camp. Mourinho certainly fits the “anyone but van Gaal” criterion.

So what is the problem? What is holding up the proceedings? Is it Woodward? Is he so stubborn that he doesn’t want to sack the second manager he has appointed? Would being removed from overseeing all things football be such a tragedy for him? That is what appears to be his biggest fear.

He has an awful record since replacing David Gill both in management appointments and in transfer dealings. His appointment of David Moyes, on a seven years contract was just idiotic. This was followed by van Gaal. He was, in fairness, appointed for all the right reasons, he just went past his sell-by date very quickly and Woodward seems loathe to accept the fact.

His purchases of Di Maria and Fellaini in particular were very amateurishly handled and both were prime examples of how to spend millions more than was needed to get two average players.

In the opinion of most fans Woodward generally does a decent job attracting new investors to the club. This is what he should be returned to doing as quickly as possible before he makes an even bigger mess of United.

The other reason put forward for van Gaal still being in office is contractual and seems quite plausible.

David Moyes was sacked the minute it became mathematically impossible to finish in the top four and achieve Champion’s League qualification. This, apparently, was because he had a clause which stated that he wouldn’t be paid the remainder of his contract if he failed to reach the top four.

It seems that van Gaal may have a similar clause whereby he could be fired with no compensation if he fails to reach the top four. The problem here is that it is taking much longer for van Gaal to fail on this particular point than it did Moyes. Also, many United supporters are amazed at this penny-pinching attitude when we are talking about a maximum of a one year pay-off to van Gaal. They would much prefer to waste some money and be rid of the Dutchman than waste the amount of money as went on the purchases of the likes of Di Maria and Fellaini. To them it would be an acceptable expense!

I suppose we have reached the stage now where myself and the majority of United supporters are resigned to van Gaal staying until the end of the season, at least. The thought of any longer than that may just be the cause of a major uprising!

If the start of next season has a new manager at the helm, preferably Mourinho and United start to challenge for honours again, Woodward will be forgiven the majority of his sins, particularly if he shrinks into the background and a lot less is seen of his ugly little face.

This is the news the fans are now waiting for and it can’t come soon enough!


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