He must have, you only need to read the amount of players he is going to buy and look at the total cost.

All this talk of United giving him a kitty of £250 million to spend on transfers is obviously a smokescreen so that clubs are not aware of how much is really available.

Ed seems to have learnt his lesson! Gone are the days when he would brag that United could afford any player in the world because money is no object. Maybe he realised, shortly after making his stupid statement, that any player in whom United expressed an interest suddenly experienced a sharp hike in price. When you add that to the fact that, thanks to Ed’s propensity for dithering, they also paid £4 million more for Fellaini than they needed to, then it is understandable that their budget is being kept a closely guarded secret and that a completely false figure has been circulated. Only the really intrepid football journalists have figured out the truth.

So, following the arrival of Eric Bailly, Zlatan Ibrahimovic will come riding into town on his white horse.

We can then expect to see James Rodriguez who is househunting in Manchester while simultaneously appearing for Columbia in the USA.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan will be hotfooting it from Dortmund to Manchester as soon as a fee is agreed.

Tony Kroos, Gareth Bale and Raphael Varane will be hoping that Rodriguez finds a house fairly quickly so that they can move in with him when they arrive in Manchester. A decent sized six or seven bedroomed mansion in the Hale or Alderley Edge area should suffice.

Paul Pogba will have to find his own place but, as he knows Manchester reasonably well, that shouldn’t pose a problem!

After breaking the world record transfer fee when signing Neymar from Barcelona, Ed will turn his attention to London, where he will raid Arsenal for Aaron Ramsey then Chelsea for Willian, Cesar Azpilicueta, Nemanja Matic and Eden Hazard.

So Manchester United’s line-up next season should be interesting.

Of course it won’t all be spend, spend, spend. After all, Ed is not Viv Nicholson and he has to recoup some of the money. This he will do by selling Marcos Rojo, Daley Blind and Juan Mata. This should realise about £45 million, with a bit of luck, and remember, Zlatan is free. So the outgoings should only be somewhere in the region of £500 million and you thought van Gaal was a big spender!

If United throw enough money at enough players the theory is that, at some stage, they will have the RIGHT players to actually challenge for trophies.

The challenge for Ed is to keep signing enough new sponsors to fund his idiotic spending sprees during these transfer windows.

The challenge, in my opinion, for Manchester United is to get a decent scouting network whereby they don’t have to spend ridiculous amounts of money every few months. If they could manage this then Ed could return to the marketing department where he belongs, keeping well away from all things football, and a Director of Football could be appointed for when a transfer is required.

Somehow I doubt this will happen.


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