Is Zlatan Ibrahimovic A Good Signing For Jose Mourinho?

Posted: June 26, 2016 in Chelsea, Football, Manchester United, Opinion
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I am not so sure that this is a good move. The only possible losers in this deal are United. Ibrahimovic signs a one year deal, gets paid even more money that he doesn’t need and performs or not depending on his mood at the time. Is he another Falcao? Or is he another Sheringham? United fans would prefer the latter but, again, I am not so sure.

Ed Woodward’s almost paranoid desire to sign a big name has already backfired on the two occasions he has done it.

Falcao proved one of two things. Either that he is past it or that he was never really good enough for the Premier League. I think that his subsequent move to Chelsea actually proved that both are true.

Angel Di Maria proved something I have always thought, he is a decent player, nothing more, who, again, doesn’t have the right attributes or mentality for the Premier League.

If either of these players were scouted, which you would hope that they were, then I would imagine that their shortcomings were relayed to Woodward or van Gaal before they were signed. If that is the case then they were signed as a very big gamble. Woodward has proven, beyond any doubt that, when he gambles, he invariably loses.

Other names constantly linked with United include Neymar and Gareth Bale. Is this just because they would command world record transfer fees or could they actually fit in at United?

Assuming that United sign Ibrahimovic it is reported that this will deter Alvaro Morata from joining as he doesn’t want to sit on the bench, much as he would like to work with Mourinho again. This again makes signing Ibrahimovic illogical. Morata is 23 years old and, at the time of writing, has scored three goals in the Euros. Ibrahimovic is 34 years old and has scored precisely no goals at the Euros. In fact, so commanding have his performances been that his team never made it through the group stage and only managed one goal in the whole competition!

Who would United fans rather have in the team? My guess would be Morata.

In fact, Zlatan’s performances at the Euros have been nothing short of woeful. Yes, it can be argued that he didn’t receive much service, but it can also be argued that he came up against much better defenders than he did in the French league. He will also come up against much better defenders in the Premier League.

Signing Ibrahimovic might make sense commercially, it might make sense because there is no transfer fee involved and it might make sense if he scores thirty goals next season. For this transfer to work United need three out of three, without the third then the first two aren’t much use.

So, to sum up, if Zlatan Ibrahimovic were to be United’s only signing during this transfer window then the fear for next season would be the same as this one. Thankfully, whether or not he is signed, I have every confidence in Jose Mourinho and his ability to attract other players which will result in Champion’s League football returning to Old Trafford very shortly.

It may even result in the Premier League title returning to Old Trafford next season, who knows? It is unlikely that Zlatan will be the sole cause of either of these two objectives being reached.

  1. RedMe says:

    For me between Morata and Ibra, Morata all day long. But saying that he doesn’t want to go to United if Ibra goes because he fears to be on the bench, that’s sounds like a shortage of self belief.


  2. Paul says:

    You’re definitely right, I don’t think Pogba should play for United again, especially at that price, the fee is hefty, we can effectively sign 3 world class players with that fee.


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