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Continuing our look at the Premier League games involving the big six and today was the turn of Arsenal, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur.

Arsenal and Manchester United have both managed a paltry three points from their first three games whereas Spurs have an impeccable record with three wins from three, although their game against Watford who also had three from three would see the end of one or both the 100% records.

First up was Arsenal who were in Wales playing Cardiff who somehow, along with Swansea at one stage, managed to escape the Welsh League and find their way into the English Premier League. We are pretty sure that both Celtic and Rangers would like to know how this was achieved! (more…)



He must have, you only need to read the amount of players he is going to buy and look at the total cost.

All this talk of United giving him a kitty of £250 million to spend on transfers is obviously a smokescreen so that clubs are not aware of how much is really available.

Ed seems to have learnt his lesson! Gone are the days when he would brag that United could afford any player in the world because money is no object. Maybe he realised, shortly after making his stupid statement, that any player in whom United expressed an interest suddenly experienced a sharp hike in price. When you add that to the fact that, thanks to Ed’s propensity for dithering, they also paid £4 million more for Fellaini than they needed to, then it is understandable that their budget is being kept a closely guarded secret and that a completely false figure has been circulated. Only the really intrepid football journalists have figured out the truth.

So, following the arrival of Eric Bailly, Zlatan Ibrahimovic will come riding into town on his white horse. (more…)



(Mr Roy in pensive mood having just been told there is no game this week, it’s next week!)


The prayer of the Premier league manager just before every meaningless international break. The questions spinning in his head such as, “should I say he is injured?” How about, “he’s been kidnapped by men dressed in black and wearing balaclavas.” What about, “he has had to go and see his sick mother in Matabele Land.” Will I get away with any of these or have they all been tried before?

Will Mr Roy fall for the old, “he’s just twisted his ankle and will have to pull out, sorry and all that, maybe next time,” or will he insist on the player being seen by the England doctor?

Can I really risk an injury to a star player which may cost us points, which may cost us the league title, which may cost me my job? (more…)