Five Jose Mourinho “Targets” Who Have Impressed, (Or Not), At The Euros

Posted: June 27, 2016 in Chelsea, Football, Manchester United, Opinion
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Starting with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who looks pretty nailed on to arrive at Old Trafford in the very near future. His purchase will sell a lot of shirts and will certainly please some sponsors but is it a good deal? Judging by the way he has totally underwhelmed at the Euros the answer has to be “No”. Also, at 34, he is not in the age group of players a club like United should be signing.

Scoring a lot of goals in the French league is not too difficult a task for a decent striker. Defences are not even Championship level and the margin by which PSG won the title should warn any potential suitors of players that they may not be as good as the league makes them look.

Chances of being a success at United: 4/10

Julian Draxler is another possibility according to the knowledgeable and sensible people of the press. He has impressed and would bring something extra to Old Trafford. He also scores the occasional goal such as the beaut for Germany against Slovakia. There is an argument that United don’t need both him and Mhkitaryan but, as they play different roles, they could both be accommodated if, as expected, one or two current players are shown the door.

Chances of being a success at United: 8/10

Alvaro Morata may be sold by Real Madrid purely to make money. If so would he be a good purchase for United? Based on his showing at the Euros, where he has scored three goals in three games the answer has to be “Yes”. However, he is unlikely to turn up at Old Trafford if, as looks very likely, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is brought in as the main striker.

Chances of being a success at United: 7/10

Gareth Bale has had a reasonable tournament so far. Without actually setting the world on fire he has quietly gone about his business scoring a couple of classy free-kicks and being the cause, with a fine cross, of an own goal which ensured Welsh progression. It is still difficult to reconcile Bale with the fee he would command and, as with the next player discussed, he isn’t actually worth it even in today’s inflated market.

Chances of being a success at United: 8/10

The one that got away and United now want back. Paul Pogba is another who has done little or nothing to enhance his reputation although, in short bursts, he has shown glimpses of what he is capable of. Again, not enough to merit the ridiculous fee that would be required to sign him.

Chances of being a success at United: 6/10

Whether or not any of the above players are signed by Mourinho the general consensus here at WSA is that only Ibrahimovic would add little or nothing to the team, which should be the most important consideration, not providing a nice little pre-retirement earner.


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