The current top six are unlikely to remain with their present managers for too long unless they find a way of sharing the trophies between them on an annual basis.

The Holy Grail, however, remains the Premier League title but with half an eye on winning the Champion’s League, (unless you are Arsenal, in which case just qualifying for the competition is sufficient).

If, this season for example, sees Chelsea win the title, City, United and Tottenham finish in the top four and Liverpool and Arsenal making up the remainder of the top six then little should change for next season.

It is already widely expected that Arsene Wenger, much to the fans relief, will finally step down as Arsenal manager and pass the mantle to a younger coach who can compete with the others at running up and down the touchline whilst wildly gesturing to the fans in a manic attempt to incite deafening support.

Jürgen Klopp seems to be narrowly missing out on a trophy or two and has had to get used to being the bridesmaid on a couple of occasions. The board and the supporters of Liverpool have surely seen enough to believe that they can go on to achieve things with the German in charge, so no change is to be expected at Anfield, whatever the outcome this season.

Tottenham Hotspur, as long as Daniel Levy controls the finances, are unlikely to find a better manager than Mauricio Pochettino and the only drawback to their chance of mounting a title challenge is the strength and size of their squad. The question is whether or not they can maintain a challenge for the duration of a season and the answer, on current evidence, has to be “no“. They will stick with Pochettino though, so no change there.

Manchester United are finally playing the style of football associated with….well….er….Manchester United! José Mourinho was always the natural successor to Sir Alex Ferguson and it appears that only Ed Woodward, Sir Alex Ferguson, Sir Bobby Charlton and a few thousand misguided fans were unaware of this fact. Having returned the “feelgood factor“, (whatever that may be), to Old Trafford, he will not be going anywhere else soon whatever the final trophy haul may be come the end of the season.

The enigma that is Pep Guardiola will probably finish the season as runner-up in the Premier League. He is also in a position to win the Champion’s League, although that one may be a tall order with this present squad. City spent years chasing Guardiola and employed half of the Barcelona hierarchy in an attempt to make him feel at home. He is another manager who, for one season at least, can get away with winning nothing and keep his job, despite his apparent liking for dodgy goalkeepers!

Finally Antonio Conte. In some respects he has over-achieved although Roman Abramovich would no doubt say that things were just going to plan. Even he would have to admit though, that Chelsea being ten points clear at the top of the Premier League was beyond his expectations when he first employed the Italian. It will be interesting next time out when the Champion’s League becomes part of the equation and life is a little less comfortable. Looking pretty nailed-on to win the title this season, Antonio Conte’s job is safe until at least halfway through next season.

So five of the top six managers should all be in situ at the start of next season. It may be that all six are, which will be a source of disappointment to some Gooners fans.

There is also a possibility of the top six evolving into the top seven. If Everton can have a decent transfer window and bring in a couple of class players then Ronald Koeman certainly has the ability to challenge the current top six. Apparently, the money is there, so just the ambition is needed to go with it.

It will be interesting again next season.


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