Wayne Rooney’s Greed Is Restricting His Transfer Opportunities

Posted: June 9, 2017 in Arsenal, Chelsea, European Football, Everton, Football, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Wayne Rooney
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If reports in the Daily Mail are to be believed then Wayne Rooney is considering staying at Manchester United to see out the final year of his contract. Forgive us our cynicism but why is this thought even crossing his mind? Not through his inherent greed surely?

Reportedly, Everton would like to take him back, but can’t match the wages he is currently paid at Old Trafford. Fine, surely Wayne would be happy to take a pay cut to rejoin his boyhood club, after all he is an Evertonian and loves them far more than he has ever loved United. And he doesn’t need the money.

But apparently not. Apparently Rooney’s love for Everton is surpassed by his love for money and his own bloated opinion of himself. So, for the present anyway, he isn’t showing many signs of going anywhere.

The departure of Zlatan Ibrahimovic will only see the arrival of another striker, so Rooney will not be thinking that he will be returning to the first team at any time in the near, (or even far), future.

He could also, of course, clear off to China or the USA. He would certainly find a club in the People’s Republic who were stupid enough to pay him far more than he is worth and there are clubs in America who wouldn’t be far behind! So what’s stopping him?

His own arrogance and delusional nature would have us believe that he wants to stay in the Premier League because he thinks he is still good enough to play at that level. If that is the case then take a pay cut and go to Everton. He won’t get a better offer. Who else does he think is going to buy him?

Chelsea, Manchester City, Tottenham or Arsenal? Although it is depressing to admit it, he wouldn’t even get in the Arsenal team at present! He wouldn’t go to Liverpool so that rules out the entire top six. Which club is next in the Premier League pecking order? Oh, surprise, surprise it’s Everton.

He obviously has reservations about going abroad, especially to lands as distant as either the USA or China. It can’t be the money because that is what he lives for and would be the sole reason for going,  so it must be something else. It isn’t the perceived lower standard of football because even he should be able to excel occasionally in those leagues. So what is it?

Well, keep this to yourself, but we think it’s the bubble! The bubble that is the North-West of England where Rooney feels comfortable. He can just about speak the language and has his family surrounding him so it isn’t really surprising that he doesn’t want to leave.

Elsewhere he would be like a fish out of water. He has toyed with the idea of going to Chelsea in the past, even wanted to at one stage before he was “dissuaded” by the United fans, (who also thought his agenda may include Manchester City), and “persuaded” otherwise by the United board or, to be more truthful, an even more ridiculous contract than the one he was already on.

So at the moment Rooney has a problem. He is betwixt and between. He is being paid the money only he thinks he deserves, but at a club which, irrespective of what is said, would rather he left. He can’t/won’t go to Everton, his boyhood club and only true love, because they know he isn’t worth half the salary he is on and couldn’t afford to pay it even if they wanted to. In other words, his own greed currently precludes him going from back to Everton.

He has now become his own worst enemy and the more he sits and prevaricates the less liked he is around the country in general and Manchester and Liverpool in particular.

Time to leave Wayne, we now no longer care where, just leave.

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