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If reports in the Daily Mail are to be believed then Wayne Rooney is considering staying at Manchester United to see out the final year of his contract. Forgive us our cynicism but why is this thought even crossing his mind? Not through his inherent greed surely?

Reportedly, Everton would like to take him back, but can’t match the wages he is currently paid at Old Trafford. Fine, surely Wayne would be happy to take a pay cut to rejoin his boyhood club, after all he is an Evertonian and loves them far more than he has ever loved United. And he doesn’t need the money. (more…)



I read a rather silly article in the Daily Mail, which you may read here, if you so wish,which claims that, because Pep Guardiola has gone to Manchester City, this immediately makes them the biggest club in Manchester and, therefore, the Premier League.

Obviously written by a deluded City supporter, this claim is based on potential, nothing more.

They are certainly the wealthiest club in the division and they now probably have the best training facilities and the best youth set-up. How does any of that elevate them to the status of “biggest in the league?”

I will agree that if, over the next thirty or so years, they build their global fanbase to a size larger than that of Manchester United, which they will only do by beginning to match the on-the-pitch success of United, then they have a chance.

Manchester United have won the First Division/Premier League title on twenty occasions, the European Cup/Champion’s League on three and the FA Cup eleven times. Their Old Trafford ground has a capacity of 75,653 and is regularly full on matchdays. They claim a global fanbase of 659 million people but I am not sure that this figure has ever been ratified. (more…)