José Mourinho Appointed By Manchester United Because Of Pep Guardiola? Conspiracy Or Not?

Posted: July 6, 2017 in Chelsea, European Football, Football, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion
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As conspiracy theories go, it’s not up there with 9/11 or the JFK assassination, but it is still worth throwing in the water to see if it floats.

José Mourinho left Chelsea “by mutual consent” in December, 2015. In January, 2016 it was announced by Manchester City that Pep Guardiola was to be their new manager. Those two seismic events were pretty close in the happening.

In fairness to City, this is where their connection with the conspiracy theory ends because it is highly unlikely that they even knew, let alone cared, who was to follow Louis van Gaal as Manchester United manager.

No, the conspiracy was between Mourinho and “Dithering Ed” Woodward.

Everybody knew, well before the announcement, that Guardiola was going to pitch up at the Etihad so it is not beyond the realms of possibility that the news filtered through to Ed’s tower of power in Mayfair.

With this in mind he would have had to start thinking of a replacement for the Dutch “boredom-meister” as there would be no way United fans could stomach another season of his being in charge, especially not with a new face as famous as Guardiola across the city.

José Mourinho was the obvious choice but he was already employed in his second stint at Chelsea.

This would not, however, have prevented United from sounding him out, surreptitiously, about whether or not he would take the job, if offered, and the answer would have been a resounding “yes please!”

Why, you may ask? He loved Chelsea. Why would he leave?

The answer is in his previous clubs. Before his first successful spell at Chelsea he was the manager at Porto. He then went to a bigger club and turned them into serial winners. He won all the trophies except the Champion’s League while at Stamford Bridge.

The clue here is in the “big” clubs, because he left Chelsea to manage Inter Milan and he left Inter to manage Real Madrid so, each time he left a club he went onwards and upwards.

The only time he left a big club to go to a smaller one was when he returned to Chelsea having left Real Madrid and it turned out to be an anti-climax.

Initially it didn’t seem to be a problem and he won the Premier League in his first season back but it must have been gnawing away at him that he had been manager of Real Madrid and now, here he was, back at Chelsea where the spotlight didn’t shine on him nearly as much and there weren’t as many fans and European competition didn’t mean quite as much.

So when asked by Dithering Ed, or one of his secret agents, whether he fancied taking over at Old Trafford the only problem to be solved was how to extricate himself from his job at Chelsea.

His ego and pride dictated that he wouldn’t walk away, as well as the fact that he would lose any compensation if he did so. So he engineered a way of leaving the club, by deliberately creating discord with some of his players, in the full knowledge that Roman Abramovich would sack him.

This resulted in him being paid by two clubs as United had already agreed to pay his salary for the rest of the season under the pretence that it was to dissuade him from taking another job. He was asked to take some time out until the end of the season when Louis van Gaal could be removed with little fuss and he could be installed as the, apparently, natural successor.

Everybody won. Manchester United got their man, José Mourinho got the big club and even the majority of the United fans were happy that, A) van Gaal was out and B) Mourinho was in.

Remember that this is, as with all conspiracy theories, just that, a theory. There is no proof that any collusion was actually involved or that United approached Mourinho while he was still the manager of Chelsea. It just so happens that this theory ticks every box and would explain a lot of the events leading up to the appointment of Mourinho by Manchester United.

Let us know if you agree with us in the comments section.

  1. REdMe says:

    I like it, I never understood why everything went so wrong at Chelsea in such a short time when Abramovich wanted JM back to Chelsea so much. It seems like all the pieces came together very neatly.


  2. zispark says:

    well nice article u gt dr…buh it sims dt u’r a man U fan…nd ah knw hw dy r…BIAS nd BIG m0uthd…wel 4 ur inf0…m0u didn’t win d title in his 1st season BK…Nd he won d titLE in his 2nd season bcos he was bakd by ABRAM0VICH…nd nt bcos he was a genius…nd we all knw dt he ws SACKED bcos hs supp0sed”SPECIAL ONE brain”faILed hm…well nd 4 man U fans am sori 4 em c0s dy ain’t knw wat’s cmin dr way…ah guess dv 4gtn hw m0u’s time ended at both REAL MADRID nd CHELSEA.


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