If we look at the top clubs, the happiness of the individual managers is easy to gauge. The teams who are signing players have happy coaches and the ones who are struggling to get deals over the line don’t, yes it’s that simple!

Here’s how it breaks down.



The only player through the door so far has been Willy Caballero. Brought in on a free transfer as a number two to Thibault Courtois, he was previously number two, (before becoming number one), to “Butterfingers” Bravo at Manchester City. This signing has not yet seen an increase in the sale of season tickets.

More interesting are the disagreements about who else is coming in. Apparently, Chelsea want Romelu Lukaku of Everton. The problem is, it appears, that Antonio Conte doesn’t want him, preferring instead Andrea Belotti. Whichever is the case, it would seem that nothing is going to happen as long as Diego Costa remains at the club.

He only wants to leave for Atlético Madrid which is causing a slight problem as they can’t sign anybody until January. So he can sit around until then, he can go out on loan until the new year or he can commit to Chelsea which, again, seems not to be what Antonio Conte wants.

Confused? You will be.

WSA manager happiness rating – 5/10



The only player we are aware of being linked seriously with Spurs at present is Adrien Silva of Sporting Lisbon. Dastardly Daniel Levy has offered £27 million for the player which means he is probably worth about £40 million.

The only others to be mentioned have been Max Meyer of Schalke and Josh King of Bournemouth but nothing seems to be happening on either of those front as yet.

We have to assume that Mauricio Pochettino is happy with this as he hasn’t been reported as being “fuming” or “infuriated” with events at White Hart Lane.

WSA manager happiness rating – 9/10



Pep Guardiola is a little like Mauricio Pochettino in that he (nearly) always looks happy. This can sometimes be deceptive but we think the City boss is reasonably content with his lot at present.

He can’t complain too much because his shortage of defenders is mainly his own fault as he managed to ditch three of them in one fell swoop, not that they were any good, but they still need replacing.

Having already signed Bernardo Silva and Ederson, there will be more arrivals as City look to put themselves in a position to challenge on all fronts next season.

WSA manager happiness rating – 9/10



Two signings for Jürgen Klopp so far. Both of them ex-Chelsea so he obviously sees something in them that Chelsea managers didn’t. Mohamed Salah has been brought in from Roma and Dominic Solanke directly from Stamford Bridge.

It has gone reasonably quiet in this part of Merseyside since the Virgil van Dijk fiasco and has resulted in Liverpool looking to do their deals more under the radar than right in the middle of it!

There is still a feeling that Klopp is disappointed with the return from his wish list so far.

WSA manager happiness rating – 7/10



It is always difficult to gauge the mood of José Mourinho as he rarely, if ever, looks happy. He gave his wish list to Dithering Ed back in March and has still only seen one player from that list signed by the club.

There will be more incoming and, in fairness, top transfer targets aren’t always the easiest to get. The feeling remains, however, that if David Gill was still handling transfer business at Old Trafford then the list would be almost complete.

WSA manager happiness rating – 6/10



Arséne Wenger has now committed his immediate future to see how much further he can take the club. The question on the lips of most fans is; In which direction will he take it?

The signing of Alexandre Lacazette will be seen by some as a signal of intent to strengthen and move forward. This view, however, will be immediately tarnished if Alexis Sanchez is sold, particularly to Manchester City.

The jury is out on whether or not Wenger should have stayed and the next two years will be either agony or OK, nothing more, for the long-suffering fans. Good luck with that.

WSA manager happiness rating – 10/10

As a footnote, if anybody is totally happy with his club’s transfer business so far it has to be Ronald Koeman. He still has to show that he can turn Everton into a top four team but he is certainly receiving the backing.

It will be interesting.


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